Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Yes, Don't Faint....I'm Back to Blogging!

I've been scolding myself for a few months now about not blogging for such a long time.   It's funny how 'life things' get in the way of our quilting and blogging, isn't it?  Things like vacations to Florida, Disneyworld, Cocoa Beach and Indiana to visit kids & grandkids, a sick cat, swimming, a short hospital stay, cutting and cutting with my GO cutter for my Etsy Shop.

No more excuses!  I'm back and that's that.  This is NOW!

Have to share with you what I got last so excited!

It's a Euro-Pro Steam Generator iron and it was given to me.  Yup!  FREEBIE!    Have you ever used one?  It's so powerful, and fast and makes life so much easier for me.  I had a different steam generator iron several years ago I bought online and it lasted about 2 1/2 years before it quit. 

Here's why I need one so badly.  I can iron this big pile of 14 newly embroidered redwork dishtowels in about 1/3 of my normal time over using my cheapie steam iron.  These are flour sack muslin towels and they really get wrinkled after I wash & dry them.

My favorite designs on these are the Kitty Cat ones......similar to designs from the 1950's

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Thanks for visiting.....see ya!


  1. Judy, your embroidered towels always look so pretty. Nice work!

  2. Welcome back. What a nice freebie for you. I have heard they are awesome irons.

  3. Glad to see you back, Judy! Lucky you with a new (to you) iron. I keep waiting for my normal iron to give out one day and then I think I'll upgrade to a real sewing/quilting type of iron. Love the rework and yes, the kitties are so cute :)

  4. Lucky you! I would love to have that steam iron! Beautiful red work.

  5. Don't ya just love RedWork?. . .
    Judy <> What format do you use on what machine and your largest hoop size you can use?. . .