Monday, August 31, 2009

Finally I'm Baaaaaaaaack!

I'm back home now that my a/c is fixed and keeping the house cool! Thank goodness! We still have some shaking vibration problems with the unit outside, and the Manufacturer's Technical Rep will have to come look at it, but it's cooling and that's all I care about for now.

I've been listing new items in both my Ebay store and Etsy store trying to get the inventory built up to better levels. Here's some of the new fabric Jelly Rolls and Quilt Squares available.

Since I am determined to get my fabrics all folded & organized in my main sewing room closet, after I cut, cut, cut.....I am using the ruler method of folding my fabrics that I found on tipnut.
It won't be long before I can show off my newly organized fabric closet.
I hope ya'll will go take a look at my stores:
Here's wishing everyone a great day!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I have not posted in a while due to some HOT problems. I live in San Antonio, Texas and we have had 52 days of 100 degrees and when I say HOT....I mean HOT!

A/C went out last Saturday, got a/c man here and had relay switch replaced. Still would not work. Circuit breaker kept shutting off. Got an electrician here Monday, fixed it, ran new line to circuit box. A/c still would not work. A/C man here this morning......compressor is froze. This 3 1/2 ton unit is 2 yrs. old and still under warranty and will eventually be replaced..........AND it's definitely HOT STUFF here in this house. They will be back tomorrow morning to remove compressor and take in for exchange, but will be probably be a few more days. I just pray that it doesn't have to be ordered and one will be in stock.

I crated up my 3 inside cats, grabbed some clothes, Ebay stuff, Etsy stuff.....and have been staying at my sister's. Thank goodness she is close, and we get along so well. I love her dearly.

Here's another chapter in the saga.......Last Friday HEB grocery store's debit card reader goofed up and the cashier kept telling me to swipe my card again....and again. I disagreed with doing this. It showed on her register screen that it had not been ??? She got a manager to come check the card reader...he fiddled with it, hit it on the side and told me to swipe my card again.....I did and it 'SUPPOSEDLY' worked this time.

I checked my household checking account online yesterday morning and it had CHARGED my account 4 times for the groceries of $92.68, and plus an odd amount of $86.28. It overdrew my account and I had -0- money showing in my account. I went to bank, went to HEB, on the phone for 1 1/2 hrs. trying to get this removed from my account. It was finally corrected last night, thank goodness.

The lesson here..........don't keep swiping your card when the clerk says to do it. I will never do that again. I thought I'd pass that info onto to everyone!

Wonder what today will bring??

I am putting on my swim suit and going to the pool this a.m. to just float around & relax.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Today I AM CELEBRATING 2 years since I quit smoking! So, I'm celebrating by playing with fabrics; looking at my fabrics, feeling my fabrics, folding my fabrics, cutting some fabrics.....dreaming of what I can do with them...planning projects...making lists.

Here's some pics. of the ones I've been playing with so far...

Any day we play with fabric is a GREAT DAY to celebrate being alive!
AND......what are you doing today to CELEBRATE being alive??


A friend of mine sent me this info about a wonderful project for us quilters, sewers, knitters to SHARE SOME LOVE! It's being organized by an American Soldier in Iraq and it's called IBOL...Iraq Bundle of Love.

We all have fabrics, blocks, patterns, threads, yarns, buttons that we can put in an APO Flat Rate Box to send to this soldier. Helps us "DESTASH" our stuff too!

For more info, go to: Be sure you read the FAQ and the section on how to make up your bundle. You have to leave a comment on his blog to get the APO address for sending your box. Pass on the info to your friends, too.

SHARE THE person at a time....making a difference!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Here's a great GiveAway for Everyone!

Since doing my Birthday Giveaway in July and having such a wonderful response to it and meeting lots of new bloggers, I am going to post other bloggers GiveAways once in a while.

Here's a couple of them for you!


Good luck!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


My sister, Sally, sent me this cute pink kitty fabric for my birthday, and I think it just calls for a special pillow case...just for me! It's called Comfort Cats by Darcy Ashton for Marcus Bros. Fabrics. I've made lots of novelty pillow cases for my kids and grand kids, but have never made any for me...mmmmh? Wonder why we do things like that? You know the story about the cobbler's kids who never had any shoes, don't you?

As most of you know I have bins & bins of different cat fabrics (I gave away different cat fat quarters for my 18 day Birthday celebration Giveaway).....but can never have too many!

What's more comfortable than a pillow and soft furry kitties?? Got to get this made today!

Then I need to get this slouchy bag finished too, & get it listed on Etsy. Have had it started for a few days, but not finished. Typical for me!

But, first, I've got to go mail some orders at the post office and go to the grocery store and get a few groceries. I want to do that before it gets so unbearably HOT HERE! Who am I kidding??? We have had 39 days of 100 degree weather so far here in San Antonio. Whew! As soon as I get back, am staying inside for the rest of the day!

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Do you ever make that one special creation and it turns out to meet your expectations?

This is the custom order bag for my friend to take to Germany. She wanted a separate pocket for her drink bottle, special place for her phone, inside key fob ...........a n d.........PURPLE!

She can put her phone in the outside front pocket, or hang it from the loop on the handle; her keys can hang on the outside loop on the handle or on the inside loop on the pocket...her choice!

I really enjoyed making this bag, and hope it has a nice trip to Germany!!
(shhhhhh! Don't tell her. I made a special hidden compartment so I can crawl inside & go too!)