Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Happy Halloween!

I'm making More.....   No, not s'Mores! 

More zipper bags......

with the help of of one of my supervisors watching me closely....naturally.

I like for the outside fabrics for the bags to be quilted with cotton batting.   Easy, peasy simple FMQ is the way I do it.

Loopy loops on this one.

For sewing things like this I prefer production construction, so I have several different ones all quilted, ready for zippers and linings.

Here's 8 of them finished & ready for me to make the glass beaded zipper pulls.

So that's what I'm doing on this WIP Wednesday.  What are you doing?

I'm linking up to Quiltsy Team Blog for WIP Wednesday.   We are a bunch of busy quilters who like to share, so GO take a look at what others are doing today. 

Thanks for visiting.


  1. Your zipper bags are so cute! Love the pink and green elephants!

  2. Those are adorable, and really cute fabric choices!