Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Storing (Hiding?) Your Stash!

If you need more ways and places to store (hide?) you fabric stash, I've found the answer!

The last time I bought a blanket it came in one of those big heavy zipper plastic bags.   Boy, those are wonderful for storing quilts, blankets, afghans, heavy winter jackets, etc.

But, by far the best thing I use these for is to store my ETSY Shop quilted items in them.  Keeps them clean, free from dust, and all in one place.  When I sell something I can find it quickly and easily.

But....(wonder why there's always a 'but' with some of my ideas??)  I was running out of room in the ones I had, so I did a search on Etsy and
sure enough I found a bunch of them.

I bought 20 of them and they are just what I needed.   The size is perfect and these will fit under my bed or sofa.   Again....store (hide?) your fabric stash?

Here's where I found them:

Please tell her Sew Fun Quilts sent you.   Happy Storing!

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  1. That is a great idea- I used to do that - but found that dog hair would gravitate from the ends of the world(or a passing dog!LOL) and stick to the outside of the bags. I will definitely check out her shop tho"- TFS

  2. I love those bags for storing too. I never get rid of mine, but I could sure use more of them. Thanks for sharing!