Saturday, March 16, 2013

Just Had to do it!

Just had to do it!

I have been MIA for a couple of months due to some serious surgery, and am finally getting some of my energy back....yippee!!  Thanks to all of my wonderful friends who sent me cards, FQ's, emails, texts & well wishes.  It really did help me to know you cared.

So....that said... and today being National Quilting Day I just had to come on here and wish everyone a Happy sewing/quilting day. 

Here's what I'm doing today.............

I'm sewing some batik fabrics into vertical rows and making a Chinese Coin Quilt....easy and fun!  I don't know how long my energy will last or if I'll get it finished today.......but I'm sewing!  Yippee!

What are you doing today in honor of National Quilting Day?

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Monday, January 7, 2013

Love is in the Air!

and not because Valentine's Day is coming......

I've wanted a tablet for about a year now, and thought I'd wait to see the new Surface by Microsoft 'cause it looks so light and the "click on" keyboard really appealed to me.  So, I started doing research on tablets a couple months ago and passed on the Surface RT, went to the Surface Pro, but found out it was way TOO COSTLY for my budget.

So, I continued with my research, including the Ipad,  and chose the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 with 32GB and got it last Friday! 

I'm in love with my new toys and notice the word toys is  You can't just have one piece of Lego...can you?

(sorry...the picture's a bit blurry, and didn't take the time to take it again.)
Got the leather case bluetooth keyboard too.

Also got a Portable 1TB external hard drive for my pc, another SD card, but didn't take pictures of those and haven't played with either of them....yet!

Here's the case/keyboard folded up......not bad!

So, yesterday I decided I wanted the 2nd cover  without the keyboard to put it in my purse on the go, so went and bought this one.  Costly at $60, but thought it would be fine.  NOT!  I worked for about 1/2 hour to fit my tablet in it....and just not going to work, so have to take it back.......drats!  Eventually, I'll find exactly what I want.   (It did say it would fit my Sansung Note 10.1 on the box.)

I hope I can stop playing with my new toys long enough to do some sewing/quilting.   Maybe I'll have to limit myself to playing during my break times and not take my tablet into the sewing room. 

What do you think?

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Friday, January 4, 2013

Trying to Clean Up Messes

The New Year and January always brings with it many goals and so many things I want to do.  What about you?

Messes!  especially messes in my sewing room!   Arrrrrgh!
There was really no way I could start or finish up any of my sewing/quilting projects until I tackled this mess.

So, while my expert computer guy was cleaning up and fixing my computer remotely, I jumped in with both feet......and hands.  I kept my cell phone on alert for text messages from him on what he needed from me and what to do on my end for the computer fixing.   Good News!   My computer is running like new again.  (If you want to know more about fixing your computer like this, just contact me.)

Okay....back to my messes.  I sorted, sorted, and sorted....pressed...sorted some more..........threw away (Yes, I know.....that's unheard of with being a quilter

 but I'm talking snips, threads, unuseable scraps).


There was no way all the scraps for my 2 1/2" squares bin were going to fit in this bin.

So.....dug around in that scrap bin......and

sorted out the squares, and those that weren't wide enough I made a pile for the string/strip quilt box.  (that's the strips you see in the forefront of the picture.)  

I'm not finished yet.......but it's a start and now I can see my cutting table again.

What do you do with all of your scraps?

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fun "works in progress.)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas with my Red Hat Sisters!

First of all......

Happy New Year to Everyone!
Whew! I got that over!  NO, I'm not going to talk about my plans for 2013, nor about New Year's Resolutions. 

I promised my Red Hat sisters that I would blog and share about our Christmas have to keep my promise to them.

Our Chapter of The Red Hat Society is called Rubies and Garnets and is one of the first chapters formed in San Antonio, Texas.  I've been a member for many years.

We meet on a monthly basis and go to different restaurants in and around the San Antonio, Texas area.  We are a noisy bunch...laughing, and talking so much that when it's time for our Queen to make some announcements or for a prize drawing...there's a china bell one of her helpers rings to quiet us down.....(ahem!)...politely.   

We have been going to the Fair Oaks Ranch Country Club for our Christmas celebration for several years now and boy oh they ever deck this place out for Christmas!  Everywhere you go there's Christmas trees, poinsettias, garlands, displays.

This is one of the many entryways and it leads to our banquet room.

One of the many displays!

Another Display.

One of the many Christmas trees ...each one decorated differently.

The tables in our banquet room.

The Chandelier in our "party" room.

All decked out in our Red & Purple...waiting for everyone to arrive!

The table and Red Hat sisters where I sat.

All of these Red Hat sisters belong to our Quilt Bee too!  There were several of our "group" that couldn't make it this year...waaaa!  (that's me on the RH side)

Okay...I've fulfilled my promise to them......

Time for other things; like sewing, quilting, & giveaways.....stay tuned!  Be sure to subscribe to my blog (RH sidebar) 'cause I promise some fun things and wonderful surprises this year........AND..... I always keep my promises.

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