Saturday, March 16, 2013

Just Had to do it!

Just had to do it!

I have been MIA for a couple of months due to some serious surgery, and am finally getting some of my energy back....yippee!!  Thanks to all of my wonderful friends who sent me cards, FQ's, emails, texts & well wishes.  It really did help me to know you cared.

So....that said... and today being National Quilting Day I just had to come on here and wish everyone a Happy sewing/quilting day. 

Here's what I'm doing today.............

I'm sewing some batik fabrics into vertical rows and making a Chinese Coin Quilt....easy and fun!  I don't know how long my energy will last or if I'll get it finished today.......but I'm sewing!  Yippee!

What are you doing today in honor of National Quilting Day?

Thanks for visiting!