Thursday, October 18, 2012

Can't Just Sit!

When I'm not quilting I like different kinds of hand work.   I just can't sit in my chair and do nothing......I get too antsy and think I'm wasting time.  So,  here lately I've been doing some simple knitting with cotton yarn making dish cloths.  I love these dish cloths; they last and last, they rinse clean and don't get all yucky.  Some of these will be extra Christmas gifts for family.

I've always got some sort of hand work project going on and like to keep this needlework bin next to my chair.  It's handy and jam packed with different projects.

Here's the little mesh pouch I made for the on-going Yo-Yo making.  I embroidered the
"Any Day Spent Sewing Is a Good Day" on nylon screen and added a zipper.

Another plastic supplies pouch.

I also like doing hand embroidery these Noah's Ark Quilt blocks.

Of course, I've always got a pair of embroidery pillow cases WIP..(work in progress)...almost finished.

So, like I said......."I Can't Just Sit"....and as you can see, I like variety in my projects.   If I get bored doing one thing, having this project bin handy near my chair, I can grab up something else.  Sure makes sense to me. 

What about you?  Do you like to do some sort of handwork like this?

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  1. I never just sit either - seems like a huge waste of time! I have been working on a lot of wool applique and hand quilting.

  2. I just love all the wonderful ideas and projects you do. It's never to early to start projects for Christmas.