Saturday, July 31, 2010


Don't get excited now.......this is not one of  "those" sites  .....tee hee.......This is my blog about sewing, quilting, fabrics, and showing off my projects.  BUT, I am HOT!!    Read on, my friends and you'll see why!    (Since I won my GO cutter from AccuQuilt, I just have to capitalize the word GO all the time now!)

Today's plan...Ok..... it's time to get this dinosaur quilt ready to quilt tomorrow.   The top is finished, just got to get it layered and ready to GO.    Remember those flying geese I made using my new GO cutter??    Now you'll get to see them in the quilt...well, almost. 

I had  to GO to the LQS to buy the batting first.  

Well, actually.......I had to get something to eat first before GOing to the LQS.  So, drove thru Sonic and bought a chilil cheese coney dog and cherry limeade....yum!  

Might as well look around the LQS while I'm there......right?   Ohhhh!  Yeah!   mmmmh!  That one is beautiful, ...feel....touch....sigh!    Oh my gosh, how the time just slips by when you're looking/feeling fabrics.  Jeez!  I've still got to GO to the post office to mail those packages.   Ok..back home. 

Wouldn't you know I probably picked the hottest day we've had this summer to lay this quilt out on my dining room table to layer, & baste it.    My dining room is the hottest room in my house, 'cause it has two large windows that get all of the Sun in the afternoons.  There are mini-blinds up at those windows, but it really doesn't hold out this HOT Texas sun.   Oh, why oh why....didn't I GO and get those pull down shades before  summer came? 

I had to press the top, steam the batting, press the backing......layed it all out on the table.  Ok..ready.   Now, where's that new can of spray for basting??  Where's my quilt pins for basting?    Where's the tape?  Oh..drats, am out of masking tape.  Well, package tape will just have to do.  Gosh...I'm thirsty! 

It's HOT....HOT!....HOT!    Do I really need all of these tools to do this?  

What is your favorite way  to baste a quilt to get it ready to quilt?   I use basting spray and my small quilt pins with my Quick Clip.  I do not like to baste with needle & thread by hand, and I don't have a long arm quilting machine.   I use my Janome 6500.

Awwwwwww! It's about 2 HOT...HOT  hrs. later, and it's ready to be quilted.  (I had to take several breaks and drink lots of iced tea.)  Whew!

You'll get to see the completed quilt in another post.  BTW...I'm still HOT!  

Friday, July 30, 2010

My Fabric stash is hiding from me!

Did some more cutting with my GO cutter from AccuQuilt!    I think my fabric stash is trying to hide from me 'cause I'm cutting it all up using my new GO cutter.   What a wonderful excuse to GO buy more fabric.  Yay! 

That 2 1/2" strip die is getting a good workout.  It is such a time saver and makes it so much easier on my hands/wrists.   I can cut 9 strips at a time!   I love it!  Thanks AccuQuilt.  If you want more info on the GO cutter, just click on the title of this post! 

Bright jewel tone jelly rolls.

These are the first 5 inch charm squares I cut using my new 5 inch square die.  Wow!  They are perfect.....and was so easy to cut them.

Now, don't you wish you had one?  GO check them out at

Monday, July 19, 2010

Who's Gonna with this GO ??

Gosh!  Sorry this picture is so blurry! 

There's another great GO cutter giveaway GOing on right now, so if you don't have one and you want to win a FREE one, then GO here:

Have fun and good luck to all!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Come away and "FLY WITH ME" and my GO!

Here's a little glimpse of what I've been doing with my GO cutter!

It's so easy to make Flying Geese using my new GO cutter.  I used the 2 1/2" square die for cutting the "WINGS"  and the 2 1/2" strip cutter to cut the "GEESE".    Wow! that thing is sure fun and makes doing a bunch of these a breeze and easy peasy! 

Now, I've got to show you this picture of what I'm working on right now, but you can't see it until I'm finished.  I'm going to be using the Flying Geese! 

If you'd like to have a GO cutter for yourself, just go to Pat's Blog here: 

as she is having a FREE GO Giveaway so you can win one! 

Good luck!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Have you seen the BOM from Fabric N Quilts??

If you haven't seen these Block of the Month kits out of 30's Reproduction prints, you just have to GO and take a look @ them......then sign up to start getting them.  These are from a shop in TN called Fabrics n Quilts.  Just click on my title to GO there.   You're not GOing to believe the price either!  It's the best deal for BOM's you are GOing to find anywhere! 

Yup!  that's right.......she cuts these with her GO cutter from AccuQuilt and they are cut perfect and SEW much fun to SEW them up......easy, pretty......and everything! 

Am I in love with my GO cutter........for sure!  Thanks again, AccuQuilt!   I have been using it everyday to cut more strips for jelly rolls and more squares for charm squares all available in my Etsy shop.

Here's a few of the ones I've completed!

I'm a big fan of the reproduction prints and these fabrics are some of the prettiest ones I've seen.  You will love this shop's Block the Month kits and she has good prices on yardage too. 

Well....what are you waiting for???  GO see them.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Am I a stripper? Nope, I'M A CUTTING MANIAC!

I hope  my title of this post got your attention! 

Yesterday was our quilt bee, so I just had to take my GO cutter from AccuQuilt to show all the gals (and took just a few of my fabrics) so everyone could play with it!   

First of all, we cut one of the girls' Jelly Rolls into 320  2 1/2"  squares.  She wants to make a quilt like my SEA BREEZES quilt that uses 2 1/2" squares.  We had those 320 squares cut in no time by laying the jelly roll strips perpindicular folded back & forth on the 2 1/2" strip die....turn...turn...turn..the handle.  Voila!  Done!  

I'm so glad I took all those fabrics...(tee hee... & let the girls "practice" )...and magically they are now 2 1/2"  strips!  The other little pile on the RH side is my group (so far) of some scraps cut into HST (half square triangles) and 2 1/2" squares.

I LOVE MY GO cutter from AccuQuilt! 

If you would like to try to win a GO, just click on the title of this blog to go to AccuQuilt's facebook page.  Become a fan of AccuQuilt on facebook and make sure you check their posts on Fun Fridays for a chance to win a GO cutter.  Also, sign up for their email newsletter to win a $250 gift certificate during July.

Now, don't you agree???  I'm a great stripper!! (strip cutter, that is.)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

PINK LEMONADE BABY QUILT! 1st GO cutter quilt!

I have such GREAT NEWS!  My sister, fabricartist21, won the GO cutter from AccuQuilt on yesterday's Friday Fun on AccuQuilt's Facebook page.  She is so excited, she couldn't GO to sleep last night.  If you are not following AccuQuilt on Facebook, here's the link:  Every Friday they give away a Free GO Cutter......GO sign up to follow them.  Also, if you sign up for their email newsletter, you have a chance to win $250 gift certificate.  WOW!  What a company! 

Here's my first quilt I finished by cutting all the fabrics using my GO cutter from AccuQuilt!  This was a pattern/project sheet from them that is included with the die set that comes with the GO.  There were lots and lots of little triangles (which I normally do not like to sew).....AND they were easy to sew and points matched up wonderfully. 

And here's a close up so you can see the fabrics & quilting a bit better.

I also just joined the bloggers group  for quilters  who have an AccuQuilt GO cutter.  I put a link on my sidebar if you own a GO and want to join us.

Happy July 4th Weekend to everyone!