Thursday, October 11, 2012


So, I told myself I was going to start blogging  again.  Yesterday was that start!  

Yup! Gonna just do it;  things I'm making, things I'm planning on making, fun stuff, quilting ideas, sharing things other people are making, maybe some Pinterest stuff or feature different shops from Etsy......and on...and on...

In the meantime.........

Thought I'd share a fun quilt  I made several years ago and have it hanging up in my living room again.   Can't remember if I've ever shown it on my blog, but "In the Meantime"........we get to look at it again.    It is one of my most favs and called Kitty City.  Most of you know I'm a cat person and have 3 inside this always brings a smile to me when I hang it up again.

You can't see all of it, 'cause I didn't take the time to put the rod through the hanging sleeve on the back.  It is 12 blocks, not 9.  Here's a couple more close ups of some of my fav blocks in it.

I love the look on Chef's like me when I'm planning what to eat for my

There are never any mistakes in quilting.....only opportunities for tapping into our creativeness. 

Miss Kitty Carmen Miranda's block was accidently cut when I was trimming the quilting threads.  So, after crying and being upset, I just added the fruit falling and fruit below the block to cover up the cut snip in the border.  Afterall, Carmen Miranda was always dancing and singing (if you've never heard of her do a Google search) and the fruit from her hat could fall off quite easily.

This prompted me to add a few more touches to some of the blocks; the catfish bowl in the Chef's block, the dogs & fire hydrant in the Firechief block, the bird's nest in the Birdwatcher block.  Mmmmm!  There's never any mistakes in quilting......only opportunities.

Another close up of one of my favs.....

Since Miss Kitty USA was the celebrity of Kitty City, I quilted her block with metallic sparkling thread.  Even though you can't see them all close up, each cat block was quilted hoses...skull & crossbones, etc.........

Stay tuned for more fun things tomorrow and I'll be having a Free Giveaway soon.

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  1. Welcome back to blogging! I know just what you mean about life taking over and losing track of your computer time.

    Love your kitty quilt. Lots of fun and each cat has a great personality. I think we all encounter creative opportunities - you really enhanced the quilt!

  2. Love the colors and the prairie points are fabulous. Great quilt.

  3. I agree about no mistakes! Your kitty quilt is really fun.