Monday, October 29, 2012

Bloomin' All Around Me

Winter might be on it's way, but I've got flowers "Bloomin' All Around Me" in my sewing room.    I'm making zipper bags - cosmetic bags - gadget pouches; all different colors, and sizes.   These zipper bags have been selling pretty good in my ETSY shop, so I'm making more of them.

I love to pull out scraps of floral prints, find coordinating fabrics for the linings, cut some cotton batting, do some free motion quilting, add a zipper........then sit and sew for a while. 

Don't ask me what the name of this fabric is, 'cause I can't remember  I just love it, and this is all I have left of it.   I used a pink small pin dot for the lining on these two. 

Boxed bottom corners, so they can hold more stuff!

Five made so far.......and I still need to make the glass beaded zipper pulls.

These will be available in my ETSY Shop after I get the glass beaded zipper pulls made for them.  But for now.........going to go make some more!   Oh, that reminds me, wonder what I did with the silk & damask fabrics I was going to use for some of these bags???

Do you make any kind of bags?  purses?  padded covers? or pouches?

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  1. So cute! Zipper pouches have been a good seller for me too, but the shipping kills me as most have been to overseas buyers.

  2. Wonderfully sweet. I still have a hard time getting into making smalls. My quilt appetite doesn't go that way, I guess.

  3. Those are great little zipper pouches!!

  4. Judy, those bags are so pretty! I have been making some, but haven't put them in my shop yet.

  5. Gorgeous! What a great size for cosmetics or knitting gadgets.