Saturday, March 26, 2011

Playing in the Messes!

It seems regardless of how much time I spend sewing/quilting in my sewing room,  I make more messes, and more messes......and end up with  lots more scraps. 

These piles of useable scraps get shoved to the corner of my cutting table and sit there for days.    Where's the Cleaning Fairy when you need her???.... that's what I want to know.....???  Is she at your house?  Send her back to mine 'cause you can't keep her.

One afternoon there was some noise coming from underneath my cutting table, and I looked down and Mr. GO was whining.  He hadn't had any attention in a few days, and was just sitting there, pouting.

OK...OK...I'll use you today.  Mr. GO is very real to this quilter.

This is not all of them, 'cause I just snapped a picture of a few of them.

Maybe these can be sewn together for something.   What??   I don't know, but at least that particular pile of scraps will be off the corner of my cutting table.  I sure had fun cutting and playing in that mess of scraps.

Let's see what we can do with them.....

Ahhhh.....Yes!  They are happier now being sewn together.  Maybe  they could be the start of a Chinese Coin quilt???  something other than a mess.....for sure.

What do you think??  Have you been playing in 'your messes' lately?

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

GO Vote for me!

Have you voted yet?    

You haven't? 

Well....come on now, time's a wastin' and it will only take a minute and I need all the votes I can get 'cause I'm competing against some of the top dogs!   I thought of having a giveaway to get everyone's attention......but, thought I'd better play fair.

  Doesn't bribery always work?

I was just informed this morning that I've been nominated for the Best Online Store for the Golden Quilter Awards 2011 that SEW CAL GAL created.   I'm very flattered and thanks so much to  the person who nominated me. 

"You have been recognized for your contributions in making our world of quilting so wonderful, having been nominated by quilters throughout the world for the 2011 Golden Quilter Awards. Like the Oscars, we hope you are honored to be nominated as you are truly appreciated for your talents and contributions. "

Here's my Etsy Store, so you can take a quick look. can GO  vote for

me here.

Thanks everyone.....I appreciate it.

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Monday, March 21, 2011

It's Just Not Enough......

Remember a while ago when I posted about (click here...) My Fingers Are Worn Out?

In the comments section of that post there was a comment by Carolyn, The Vegetarian Hunter and she sent me these.........

She would NOT....I repeat...NOT.... give me her address so I could send her some money, a little gift, or something.  Even on her address...just the words


in the upper left hand corner.  She told me to just pay it forward.......and I will.

Please go say Hi to The Veggie Hunter's Blog and tell her Sew Fun Quilts sent you. Thanks.

It's Just Not Enough to say Thank You.........but here's a BIG ONE just for you, Carolyn.


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Friday, March 18, 2011

Lots of Prizes on this Giveaway

Here's your chance to win some fabulous prizes (including one from Sew Fun Quilts).  Read friend.......and GO vote.

I hope ya'll have heard about this by now.  It's the 2nd annual Golden Quilter Awards 2011 created by none other than our Sew Cal Gal.   Nominations in the different categories are now ready for your votes. 

The voting begins now and continues through March 31.
There is a wonderful giveaway for this event and you can win fabulous prizes by doing some PR for it and voting.  I've donated a $25.00 gift certificate to my Etsy Store as one of the prizes.  Deadline for Voting is April 9th and winners will be announced on April 10th.     Just click here for more info and to vote.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

YES...It's GREEN Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!  I'm sending you some luck of the Irish your way today.

This is a little wall hanging I made using a Birdie embroidery design called a Tweet from Embroidery Library.  They have all different cute tweets for activities, holidays, hobbies. 

It's hanging by my front door. 

Have a great day and thanks for visiting.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Whoo Hoo! They're Doin' It Again!

Do you always open up those Publisher's Clearing House prize envelopes, go through all those pictures, stamps, forms.....and hope you're GOing to be one of their winners?   funny, isn't it?    Do you buy Lottery tickets?

Never win.......???  Forget those......this one is much better and way more fun!

 Here's your chance to win some money, a fun trip and be famous! 

AccuQuilt is doing it again.  Just click on the Barn picture on my right sidebar, and find out all about it.   Tell all your friends too 'cause the more clicks that come from the Barn on my blog, the better!  If I have the most clicks (yes...they are measuring it, but don't ask me how) I'll win a nice prize too!

Get those colored pencils a sketchin'  or start playing with your EQ7 program or whatever method you wish....the winner could be YOU!

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Quiltsy Team with Etsy!

I'm a member of a special Team on Etsy called Quiltsy.  March is National Quilt Month and there has been lots of Etsy Treasuries featuring quilts and quilted art this month to honor our special celebration.   We love to help promote each other's work and Etsy shops too.   One of  the Quiltsy team special events for this celebration is the Sisterhood Traveling Quilt on the team blog.
Here's some of the items featured in this Red Hot  Etsy Treasury, including the table runner I shared with you in yesterday's post.  You can click here to see all of the items and be sure to leave a comment. 

Queen Size Quilt red white - Ruby Crystal       Art Quilt Drink Coasters - Set of 4 - Ruby Red Shades OOAK  L'amour Strip Quilt

Amish Styled Basket Quilt - Queen   On Sale Modern Love Twin Size Quilt   Watermelons Mug Rug or  Hot Pad

Cherries Quilt Wall Hanging           American Flag Wall Quilt

The information about joining the Quiltsy team is on our team blog above.  I hope you'll visit these other color Quiltsy Team Treasuries too.  Have fun.

My lime green Seaweed bag was featured in this Green Team Treasury.

And if you like blues, this Blue Treasury is for you.

Beautiful quilts in this  Purple color one.

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Let's Get Back To It!

Mr. GO  and I were very busy this past week.  Fabrics were taken out of the stash closet and flying  all over the sewing room,  iron was on and hot,  press, press, press with Best Press spray before cutting, crank that handle on the GO, sort, stack, line them all up (cats helping a lot with this step)  just for the pictures & listings for my Etsy Store.  

Here's  round one this past week.

 Round two from this past week:

AND.....round three:

Busy week, and enjoyed every minute of it.  I hope you enjoyed your week and are planning new things.

I'm energized from GOing to the gym this morning..... (it amazes me how exercise does that)

Let's Get Back To It......the sewing room, that is.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Fingers are Worn Out!

Remember that commercial for the Yellow Pages...."let your fingers do the walking through the yellow pages"?

Well, my "quilting fingers" have been walkin' for miles, and they are stretched, a couple of them got lost, they're dirty, and  some are almost worn out.  I won't give them up though....not for anything.   I can just hear some of you.  "What is this crazy woman talking about now?"    Curious now?  Go ahead...... scroll down so you can see the first picture..............go ahead.  I double dare you!

TA DA........Drum roll please! "quilting fingers"...

These were bought many years ago and are my original red rubber gripper  fingers for when I do free motion quilting.  There's only 6 of them left.  I used to have more of them for all fingers on both hands.  "Where oh, where, are my  red quilting fingers?" she hums to herself.    My cats probably know where they went, but they're not talking.

My secret combination for successful free motion quilting  (it's no secret really.....I just like those words 'cause it makes it sound special ...tee hee)    is:

My Janome 6500 cleaned, oiled, with titanium needle,  FMQ foot, the Supreme Glider for the bed of my machine, AND.....these red rubber fingers!

 Red rubber fingers for my left hand ...

Red rubber fingers for right hand...

For the picture taking, have to show you two pictures....(just not smart enough to figure out how to take a picture  showing both hands at the same time....tee hee).  Unlike the quilting gloves, these red rubber fingers don't get in the way, and you can see exactly where you are going.   They really grip the fabric sandwich well too.

So, get the idea.   But,  the main thing is  to see the results of the quilting, right?

Free motion meandering.

Continuous design quilting...front.

Continuous design quilting and meandering.....back.

mmmmh! What about the quilting gloves? ask.  For me, they are way too hot, too big, too bulky..can't feel the threads to pull them to the top, can't feel the fabrics, they get in the way of seeing well; just don't like them......period!  I tried to use them twice then gave them to a friend.

Now, if I can just remember to buy a couple new sets of "fingers" the next time I'm in my local quilt shop.  Sigh..........sigh.........all the fabrics seem to distract me.

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