Monday, May 31, 2010

Honest..I really do sew other things!

Here's my latest project.   

It's kinda fun once in a
while to have a simple, easy sewing project.  I find it helps "re-charge" my batteries!

Just so you know I actually do sew, thought I'd show you these progress shots.

One year for Christmas I made lots of pillow cases for my kids & grandkids.  Some even had some embroidered mongrams on them.  mmmmmh???  They are all probably worn out by now and that's still a good gift idea for this year......file it away, so you don't forget it.  Yeah!  Sure.

I wonder if I'll remember this idea again, when it's rush and scramble time for Christmas gifts??

Friday, May 28, 2010

My Gosh......It's Been a Week?

So much going on here lately,  the days just seem to disappear!   Can't believe it's been a week since my last post.  Sorry, my faithful followers!

My male cat, Braveheart (nicknamed the KING..and I've written about him before and posted pictures) was just not himself, laying around, didn't want to eat or drink,  didn't want to play.  I decided to take him to the vet on Tuesday.  Had to go to  2 different Vets, 3 1/2 hours of him howling while in the carrier, shaved neck for  complete diagnostic blood tests, no definite diagnosis, on antibiotics and $300 poorer. 

He's better now, thank goodness.  I have to give him antibiotics twice a day, feeding him all the time, different food, lots of extra attention and lap loving. 

Here's my latest project I did this week....called Roses and Romance.

Totally different technique in making this one and I love the simplicity of it.  This is a quilt as you go project.  I love these simple, but pretty, type of quilts.......cause when life gets in the way of my sewing time, I need simple.

Here's another view showing  the backing fabric.

Right after I finished listing this in my Etsy store, I was able to make a guess what I called it?

Go see this Treasury and give it some lovin'  by clicking on each of the items featured.  Thanks sew much.  The more clicks we get on the items, the more Etsy Admin. considers it worthy of their front page picks. 

Until next time......

Friday, May 21, 2010

QUILTING IS on ETSY Storque!! Thanks to WarmnFuzzies on Quiltsy Team.

Here's  a wonderful article written by one of our Etsy Team members of the Quiltsy Team on Etsy.  If you want to know more about our wonderful hobby/obsession and see some BEAUTIFUL quilts & artisans...just click on this link.  It's wonderfully written and  "covers" it all.

Some of us have even taken quilting  further and now incorporate quilting into our purses, bags, book covers, postcards, journals, wallets......and on and on.....

Here's a couple of my recent  bags you might not have seen.

I hope ya'll send this link to your families, friends and even your enemies (tee hee) to help us educate everyone about quilts and quilted items.   Hey...I've got another good idea; why don't ya  tweet about this blog post on Twitter, and share it on Facebook too. 
Thanks sew much from all the quilters out there.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Embarassing, but nonetheless.....TRUE!

Just gotta do this to win this giveaway! 

I started this fabic folding/organizing closet  project  in June 2009 and I am still not finished.  But I want to win the giveaway from

It's a

and as you can see I need it badly.  Using a rotary cutter for my projects is taking way too long.  I decided to put pride aside and show some of my pictures for a chance @ 5 entries for the Go Cutter from

It's only been a year, but I'm making progress! 

June 2009

Ahhhhhhhhhhh!  Progress!  This is what it looks like now -
May 2010.  I still need to add another shelf in the middle section.

The bottom half May 2010

This is just ONE closet for SOME of my fabric!   Some of it I just moved to a different place!  Oops!  Are those shopping bags??    Shame!  Sigh.....what can I say??  "Hello, my name is Judy, and I'm a fabricholic!"   Don't ya feel sorry for me? 

This one is a great giveaway!

Wow!  What a blogger and terrific giveaway!

Some lucky person will will....why not me?

Monday, May 17, 2010


My son shaved his head yesterday and is joining in the cause to help clean up the Gulf Oil Spill.  He is now going to barbers/hair salons and pet groomers for their contributions.   NOW, that's what I call helping our environment!   For more info on how we all can help, watch this video.

Well, what are you waiting for?  Get those clippers out and shave your head!


Saturday, May 15, 2010

I'm seeing spots before my eyes...DOTS, DOTS, and more DOTS

My gosh the days just whizz by so fast, I can't keep up with everything.  Between making new small zipper bags, taking care of all my cats,  computer time and selling things on Etsy and Ebay......I've neglected my blog.  I apologize to all my followers.  I've got to try and do better this next week.
I just now was able to "grab a Treasury" on the Main Treasury page of Etsy.  If you don't know what that is all about.....go take a look.

The more clicks we get on individual items, the better we PLEASE go click your little  heart out................and THANKS a bunch.

In a couple days, I'll tell you all about our little day trip/picnic to go to Lady Bird Johnson's Park.  So, stay tuned.


Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's Day Early..I HAULED IN THE LOOT!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's  (and to those of you who are still have a Mother, so remember and acknowledge her on this special day.)

I love this day and look forward to it every year.  A Day to Honor our Mothers, and ourselves, and our daughters who are Mothers too!  Mother's day for me came early this year and look at the loot I got!  My youngest son always calls me on Mother's Day, so I can still look forward to Sunday!

My oldest son always sends me a bouquet of flowers and this year, they are gorgeous lillies, and there are oodles of buds and I'll be able to enjoy them for many days.  He never forgets and has been doing this for many years.  I love getting flowers from him.

If you stick your nose close to your monitor, you might be able to smell them!

I also got a big box full of goodies from my daughter, along with some new pictures of her family and 3 of my grandkids!  They just got back from a Carnival Cruise and one of the pictures was taken on board.

She introduced me to Chai tea with vanilla when I was in Indiana at Christmas time, so she got me a new mug and included a tea bag.  I will text her when drinking this tea, so we can "be together".

She called me last Saturday when she was out shopping at JoAnn's (our favorite haunt when we are together) and she said she was looking for some new beads.  I laughed and told her I needed some new seed beads for the silk bags I was making, and look what she sent.  (I took them out of their bags & put them in my plastic bead containers.)

My daughter is a very creative, artistic, talented woman; paints, sews, quilts, scrapbooks, card maker, jewelry designer, decorator, gardener, Girl Scout Leader, ....on and on.  She made this jewlery set for me.

Here's close ups of the purple beads......They are made OUT OF FABRIC!

I love celebrating this wonderful day a bit early...and for 4 days in a row! 

Sunday, May 2, 2010

I Turned Down an Invite for Pizza to do this.......???

Am I crazy or what??   (no, don't answer that)  My sister asked me if I wanted to come to her house for pizza tonight and I turned her down, as I wanted to get these bags finished.  Now, I'm gonna have to cook something....stupid me!

I sure am enjoying making these zipper bags and getting totally carried away with different fabrics and ways to decorate them.  These are perfect projects to bead while watching tv...(which I seem to do a lot of that here lately.) Guess I'd better get busy and make some more 'cause these are going to be hot according to the views I've already received on them in my Etsy store.

This one is lavender 100% silk, fully lined....perfect for a night out on the town or a jewelry bag.

I really got carried away on the doing the beading on this silk blue one.......(must have been a good tv!)  Guess my eyes are still ok, as these are those real tiny glass seed beads, and I could actually see the center holes on them.

Thanks for looking;  they're for sale in my Etsy store.