Friday, October 26, 2012

Do You Have One?

Since I finished all of the Farm Animals snack mats in my last post,  I've been making these......

 little Christmas fabric pillow tree ornaments....33 of them for my ETSY Shop.

I've been a Quilting "Notions Junkie" since I first started quilting.  So, I've got every little gadget, gizmo thing you can think of that helps me with my sewing and quilting.  Some of these things I've never even used but just had to buy this "new thing" at the last quilt show....(can you relate to that too?)

Well, as I was turning these little pillow ornaments inside out and getting ready to "poke" out the corners with my scissors, I remembered
My Purple Thang.  I hadn't used it in ages, and didn't even know where I put it.  I'm sure glad I found it.

It's just a simple piece of purple plastic with one end being a curved pointy and the other end looking like a little shovel.  There's a little slit in it too, so you can put a ribbon through it and tie it around your neck or around your you don't lose it.  (I never did this......maybe that's why I couldn't remember where I put it last time I used it.)

When you're turning something inside out, it's the handiest little gadget and well worth the $3.00 I paid for it years ago.  You've heard of the Little Foot ...right? and the Big Foot for FMQ?    Well That Purple Thang was invented and made by the same company. 

This little gadget saved me a lot of time and saved the little pillows from having holes in their corners from using my scissors.  I love mine and sure glad I have one.

Do you have one?  Most quilt shops have them, so be sure to get yourself'll be glad you did.

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  1. Hmm... I usually use a wooden skewer out of the kitchen. LOL.

  2. I have the Purple Thang too. I found it in a shop in ND one time and wasn't even sure what all it could do, but I bought it. It is great for pushing out corners - I use it a lot when I make pin cushions.

  3. Looks like a handy tool. I sometimes use a knitting needle, but usually fall back on my trusty scissors. I just have to be very careful.