Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Eeny Meeny Minee Moe!

Am feeling a bit better now (yes...have been sick for over a week, 4 trips to Dr., 4 different meds.) and today I want to get some sewing done.

eeny, meeny, minee, moe....which project do I work on first??? There are so many I don't know which one to choose.......sooooooooooo

will just go into my sewing room, close my eyes......and point my finger!

I'll show you a picture tomorrow of which one I chose.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Here's a couple pictures of my most recent finished flannel baby quilt....LEAPIN' LIZARDS! It's interesting how the different lighting outside affected the colors intensity. It is bright orange & bright greens!
It is available for sale in my Ebay store:
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Saturday, March 21, 2009


My oldest son, Scott, flew in from San Francisco for a surprise visit for 5 days and painted my kitchen, dining room & laundry room. What a job! It's very light and cheery now and I've got to get busy & put the new handles on the cupboards and make curtains, etc. All the blue stuff will be eliminated & replaced with ???

The yellow mirror framed door you see open in the center of this picture is my huge walk-in pantry. I love that pantry and it stores EVERYTHING! Now, I need to scrape the paint off the mirrors.
Still a lot to do, but the hardest part is finished. Yay!!
Thanks, Scott! You are sooooo giving & loving!

Friday, March 20, 2009


The link for the "Flower Cats" quilt kit I'm selling on Ebay did not work. If you'd like to go see it, just go to my store;


Sorry 'bout that previous posting.



Go take a look at this cute Kitty Cats Quilt Kit I have for sale in my Ebay
I call it "Flower Cats" as all the fabrics are floral. Each cat is a different pose and expression.

Some lucky quilter will have a good time making this quilt! Is it you?

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I haven't posted here in a few days because my son, Scott, from San Francisco surprised me with a visit. I couldn't believe it when I opened the door, and there he stood....along with my nephew who picked him up from the airport.

He was here for 5 days, and painted my kitchen, my dining room & my laundry room. I chose white with a creamy butter yellow for the trim and cupboard doors. It is soooooooo pretty.

He also did some gardening work in my front yard, and planted some new flowers; daisies, lantana, geraniums, transplanted a fern, and added some great red wood mulch to the flower beds.

What a way to show love! And he knows how to do it BIG TIME! Thanks, Scott.

When I get the curtains made & the handles installed, etc., I'll be posting some pictures. Stay tuned.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Another great Ebay QCG Red Tag Sale!

Our Quilting Corner Group (we use QCG abbreviation) is having another great Red Tag Sale starting today on Ebay. A small group of us are cleaning out our "STUFF" and getting rid of new items too....at bargain prices.

Just go to Ebay and put QCG Red Tag Sale in the search box, and lots of goodies will come up for you.......all on sale! Don't pass up this chance to get some great items really cheap!

Have fun shopping with us!

Friday, March 13, 2009

LIONS, & TIGERS....Oh, My! Monkeys Too!

Here's my latest baby raggy quilt! This flannel fabric was called Jungle Babies; featuring lions, elephants, monkeys, tigers & giraffes. I loved this cute baby jungle animal fabric so much I bought enough to make 2 quilts.

Fabricholic?? Who me?? I will be selling it on Ebay, and have it scheduled to start on auction on March 15th.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My EBAY address was wrong.

My Ebay address in the last post is wrong.....this is the right one:


sorry 'bout that.

UFO Bites the Dust!

Another UFO bites the dust! I found this quilt top when I was cleaning/sorting/piling things in my sewing room getting ready for our Ebay Quilt Group's next Red Tag Sale...which, by the way...starts March 15th on Ebay. I think the deciding factor in finishing this 6-7 year old quilt top was finding some of the fabric that I could use for the binding.....(light bulb turned on in my head!) Decided to stop sorting, and I cut batting & muslin, and started quilting it.
Did some "free motion" on it!

This is an "Ahhh" moment!

The center buds on the tulips are dimensional, and I used shiny rayon thread for the machine applique.
This one I'm keeping, but there are other quilts for sale in my Ebay store.
Mark your calendars now for our big QCG Red Tag Sale - March 15th.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Got the socks/slippers finished, finally!

Finally finished up the socks/slippers out of fleece for my kids & their families who live in Indiana. Of course, it's warming up there now & they won't be needing them as badly as they did when I was there in January......oh well, I'm old and slow!

These are real easy to make; only 3 pattern pieces and I use the serger for all the sewing. It takes longer to cut them out than it does to sew them! I made 12 pair. Now, just have to get them to the Post Office today.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

HURRAY! Finished Projects!

Here's a few of the finished projects I've completed this week and will be listing them for sale on Ebay.

Horseshoes & horsies on baby boy blue flannel, and it's a good sized one too: 42" x 52"...8 rows x 10 rows.

The yellow & pink flowers with the plain yellow flannel squares on this one really compliment each other. Instead of a straight stitch for the "X" on the squares I used a decorative serpentine stitch. Size on this one is: 32" x 44". It has 6 rows x 8 rows and it's great for a little girl!
Here's 2 new totes:

To visit my Ebay store go to:
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