Saturday, February 28, 2009


I've been working all day on my projects, as I promised myself. Here's a few pictures of my progress.

Here's some of the scarves I have been making for the gals in my family who live in the cold/snow part of the country. The pale green one is for my youngest grand daughter, so it's narrower & will be faster to make.....yippee!! My 2 sisters grabbed up 2 of them, so have been delayed in getting these finished and mailed to family.

Another flannel raggy quilt ready to be clipped. Actually, I have made 2 of them...same size, same colors. Will soon be selling them in my Ebay store:

The picture on the right is another patchwork tote that's not quite finished, but it's getting done this weekend, for sure!



I promise things to myself all the time. "tomorrow I'll do such & such, work on this project, finish up that project, start that new project.."etc.

Tomorrow comes and I only get half of it done, or none of it and have to put it on the "promise list" again. Sometimes I have to do that with my promises several times in a row.

Today's one of those "finish up your promises for the week" kind of day. The wind is blowing here like crazy and it's not supposed to get as warm as we have good day to stay inside and just FINISH ALL THE WEEK'S PROMISES.......

1. finish serging all the fleece socks for the family.
2. add one more row of squares to the yellow/pink flower raggy quilt
3. finish up patchwork tote started already
4. get decorator fabrics out of closet
5. take some more pictures for listings.
6. get Ebay orders ready to mail
7. more knitting tonight on red scarf

Whew! I hope some of these do not APPEAR on tomorrow's Promise List!.

Tomorrow......we'll see.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Win FREE thread

Win $100 FREE thread from Superior threads! Here's the link:


I am making good progress on the Raggy Horsey Blue quilt, so thought I'd share another picture of it. Just have to do a BUNCH of clipping, wash, dry and can list it on Ebay soon. Be watching for it.
This afternoon I am making more raggy square sammies of a pretty yellow flower quilt, and will start sewing them this evening. Stay tuned for pictures of it.
The QCG Red Tag sale was a huge success for our Ebay Quilt Corner Group, and we are planning on having another one next month. I listed 9 items, and sold 8 of them.....hurray!
If you haven't visited my Ebay store,'s the link:

Saturday, February 21, 2009

One of my cats inspects my quilts!

Hopefully these blue horsey squares will soon be a raggy quilt for a little boy!

Here's a picture of one my cats, Roxie, who insists on being one of my quilt assistants! I bottle fed her before her eyes were even open, and she makes sure she is right beside me regardless of what I am doing.

Here's another link to my Ebay store so you can find the QCG Red Tag Sale with over 90 items listed from our quilting group:

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another good day for Quilting!

Today is another good day for just sewing & quilting all day! Love it!

My sister, Sally, left yesterday to go back home to WY and miss her already. My other sister, Jerre, & I went to our Quilting Bee and sewed from 10:30am until about 3pm. She's working on a pretty pink feminine quilt for a new expected Great Grandaughter, and I worked on another new patchwork tote from Moda charmpacks.

The Ebay group I belong to (Quilters' Corner Group) and the Red Tag Sale we are having on Ebay is going great! We have lots of different items on auction and most of it relates to quilting & sewing...and lots of bidding! Hurray!

Go take a look! Put QCG Red Tag Sale in the search box on Ebay and over 85 items will come up for sale. Do some bidding and help us clean out our sewing rooms!

Have a great Thursday today!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Red Tag Sale - QCG

RED TAG SALE - QCG - Quilters Corner Group on Ebay

A quilting group I belong to on Ebay is having a Red Tag Sale, & am inviting ya'll to go check out our great items all on sale! All you have to do is do a search.....QCG RED TAG SALE...and all the items we have on sale will come up...78 different items. There are some great bargain items on sale!

Have fun!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


This has been a fun two weeks! With sister Sally & her hubby here from WY, we have been doing some fun things....lots of laughter, eating, and playing cards.

Yesterday we went & played Putt Putt Golf and had a fun time. Of course we were all thirsty so off to Sonic we went. Both sisters & BIL had large root beer floats, and I had a coney dog & cherry limeade..(my favorite drink there.)

Today we are going to go have our picture taken at Wally World. We have wanted to do this for a long time, so today's the day. We are wearing our Valentine t-shirts, and our cute sisters pins my sister, Jerre, made for us. There's a little pocket on the back of the pin that holds a music spot and when you press it.......plays "You Are My Sunshine" cute! She made them on her embroidery sewing machine.


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Finally Bought What I Needed

Finally went to Joann's & bought the fusible fleece I needed to make a couple more totes. I keep thinking that I will make a some totes & start selling them on Etsy, and the last two I made, my sisters, Jerre & Sally, wanted them, so I gave them each one. Now, today I started another one, & it's almost finished. Maybe I'll get one listed yet!

We sure had a fun day today. My brother-in-law, Ted, wanted to take us all out to breakfast, so we went to Jim's & had yummy breakfasts. Then I wanted to go to Joann's to get the fusible fleece & use my 40% off coupon for it, so that's what we did. While there, my sister, Jerre, liked the new BOM quilt kits that Joann's sells...the lavender/green/pink one, & we all ended up buying the blocks. Pretty quilts these will be.!! I also bought another skein of the Angel yarn to knit another scarf.

I set up both of my sewing machines; one for me and one for Sally. Jerre brought hers over too, & we ended up sewing on quilts, totes & a baby pillow all afternoon. Ted lazed in the recliner & watched James Bond movies all afternoon. Jerre went home to fix us all dinner...homemade meatloaf, fried taters, peas, green beans & cheese bread....yummy! After dinner we came back to my house & watched a movie I rented.....

What a great day we all had together. Even the cats & dogs all got along together with no snarling or growling! I think they are getting used to each other now. The time is going by so fast & it will come too soon when Ted & Sally have to leave to drive home to Casper, Wyoming.
I am trying to enjoy it all and not think of that time they will leave........and it's not easy.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fun Day with my 2 Sisters!

Fun Day with my 2 Sisters today!

Okay, so we had some errands to do today, but last on the list was the fun one.......MEMORIES BY THE YARD Quilt Shop...right here in San Antonio. It's my favorite shop and just had to take my Wyoming sister to see it and also pick up my Angel BOM.

Didn't want my Brother In Law to be bored & disturb her pleasure, so I stopped & got him a big coffee and a newspaper, as I knew there was a place for him to sit in the shop. They have a cute section in the store with the old fashioned "ice cream shop" tables & chairs. He was quite content while the "3 sisters" shopped 'cause the owner of the store got him a piece of German Chocolate cake to go with his coffee. They really know how to treat the husbands/men us gals can shop, shop, shop!

We had a great time........and no better way to be together! Quilts, fabrics, sisters. Now, that's a great combination!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


I found this great info for organizing your sewing room. Even though it is an old post, it is still applicable....and thought I'd share with everyone. Enjoy!

Today is a little more cleaning & organizing for me and want to get my sister's tote finished up too....just a little bit left to do on it. Yesterday, I totally cleaned my bathroom, and bedroom and today I am going to concentrate on the kitchen & dining area. My sister from WY whom I am making the tote for & her husband, dog, cat will be here late Tuesday afternoon and need to have this place a little bit cleaner....woweez!....actually, a whole lot cleaner!!

I tell everyone I know.....we all need to have company at least once a year, so we do some "deep cleaning". You know what I mean....the corners, top of refrigerator, cupboards, etc.....??? What you say? Well, yes......fellow sewing enthusiasts.....there really are more rooms in your house than just your sewing room & kitchen. You might take a look at them sometime when you pass by on the way to your sewing room.

Have a great day sewing day!.