Wednesday, October 17, 2012


The winner of last week's FREE Giveaway was  picked by my random generator...(my sister in WY).....scroll down a bit further for the winner.

  1. Where's the pictures?  I don't like posts without pictures, so I'll just share a quilt called Beach Kitties I made quite a while ago.   I still have this one and everytime I look at it......I smile.  Nothing better than a quilt that makes you smile, is there?  (unless it's another Free Giveaway...that is! ) Read on!

I have followed  Sew Cal Gal's Blog  for a long time, and she emailed me about this new Giveaway, so thought I'd tell ya'll about it even though it decreases my chances of winning.......drats!    Did you know that she has a devoted blog listing lots of Giveaways and events?  It is here

That's what quilters share!  So go and enter this celebration giveaway.

I called my sister in WY and asked her to be my random number generator (she doesn't blog or read blogs, so it's a fair way to pick the winner).  Even though we talk on the phone everyday, it was great to have another reason to talk to her.   

She  chose #32 - Wannabe Quilter.

Congratulations!  Please contact me with your home address.

Thanks for visiting.