Friday, March 30, 2012

Why Not?? GOing for It!

Spring is Here!   Bees are Buzzin' ...Tulips are blooming!

With Spring comes changes.....

Today I added the Weekly Quilt Contest picture/link on my right hand sidebar.  This is the Weekly Quilt contest you see on Facebook by Michelle Foster of Quilting Gallery.  

This week's theme is Springtime Renewal.  What better way to depict Springtime than  my "Over the Rainbow"  Quilt, so I decided to enter the contest.  Why Not?  I'm just GOing for it.   This was such a fun project and totally freed me up "outside the box" from traditional quilting.     

I hope you'll GO, view the entries, (some really outstanding ones) and vote for my Rainbow quilt.  here   Yes, I know.......I'm shameless! 

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What a Surprise!

Had a wonderful surprise today!  I belong to the Quiltsy Team on Etsy, and we have a Quiltsy Blog.
Today is WIP's Wednesday and I'm one of the featured quilters.  Don't know if that's good or not 'cause it talks about my quilting mess when I was making my Over The Rainbow quilt. 

In case you didn't see the post about that project.....go here. 

Golly Gee! Maybe I should take more pictures of my many messes I make.......if it's a way to get promoted and featured more often. LOL

Maybe I should show this horrible mess I made yesterday in my extra "store it"  room!  It's embarrassing, but who cares!  I was hunting for something and just knew it was in one of those boxes from the closet.  We all make messes when we are looking for something....right?    Oh...please tell me you do the same thing...puhleeze! 

No, that's not wallpaper swatches on the wall next to the window......that's post it notes!!  Important, dontcha know?

As I was looking and sorting through a bunch of  those boxes of "STUFF" I had in the closet late yesterday afternoon I had to stop and go get Braveheart (the King) from the Vet.  Then it was time to fix supper, watch the news, then Dancing with the Stars.  After that I was just too tired to do it and just left it for today.   

That black box in the front of the picture is my new printer that arrived yesterday.  So besides doing some more sorting and cleaning today, that new printer has got to get out of the box and get set up and running......jeez!

Oh...back to what I was talking about  WIP's Wednesday for our Quiltsy Blog.  There's a button at the top of this page on the right hand side if you want to keep up with what we are doing.

Waaaaaaa!  AND all I wanted to do today is sew! 

What are you doing today........besides visiting blogs? 

  Now stop staring at that horrible messy room and come here and help me sort through those boxes. 

Friday, March 23, 2012

It's Finished!

I've been talking about my Rainbow project for quite some time now and today I'm doing the Snoopy Happy Dance!  It's finished!   

Thought I'd share some of the progress pictures case you missed them or didn't know what I was making. 

Interviewing some of the blue fabrics

When the creative ideas hit me, I make messes and don't stop to clean them up.....keep GOing.

Now  the greens and yellows are next.......

Added the orange & reds..... the "sandwich" is made.  Besides taping it down, using Sulky Spray baste spray, I always use small safety pins with my Kwik Klip.

I sure  enjoyed doing the free style quilting on this......with each section quilted differently.

This was a custom order in my Etsy Shop for a communion table, and my buyer wanted the backing to be similar in color to the
communion chalice, plate and pitcher.... 

so this is what I chose for the backing & binding.....

And the finish!

What a wonderful blessing  in making this table runner........and aptly named it

"Over the Rainbow".

I hope you enjoy your weekend.....what are your plans?

Thanks for visiting.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Quick...what's the 2 celebrations today?

1st reason to celebrate today!

Happy St. Patrick's Day to ya!  Since lots of people are using/wearing/sharing green today, I thought I would too.

I know, I's not a Shamrock......but it's GREEN and hope it made you smile!

2nd reason for celebrating today!    It's International Quilting Day!

Here's something I've been working on today.....and making a mess.

Talk about making a mess..........I'm a professional at doing that.  Just take a look!

I even got re-acquainted with my froggy buddy~

And one of my Quilt Supervisors came into visit and approve of the mess I was making! 

And.......what are you doing today?

Thanks for visiting.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Celebrate & Win Some BIG PRIZES!!

Happy National Quilting Month, International Quilting Day  March 17, 2012.

AccuQuilt and TheQuiltShow have teamed up to give all of us the ultimate experience for International Quilt Day!

Join in on  March 16-18, 2012 as we celebrate all things quilting!

*Visit TheQuiltShow community for FREE and watch more than 100 shows hosted by Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims featuring the Top Quilting Teachers in the world

*Explore classrooms, unique tutorials, inspiring slideshows, and much more

*Enter the contest to win amazing prizes from companies you know and love—here's a sampling of the prizes you can win:

•A BERNINA 550 sewing machine (yes! a new machine!)
•Gammill's Deluxe Chair—perfect for sewing at any machine
•Fantastic assortment of books from AQS Publishing, plus a 1-year membership to American Quilter's Society
•A selection of inspiring quilting books from C&T Publishing
•AccuQuilt's GO! Baby die cutting machine, GO! Value Die, GO! Birds die, and a 6x12 Cutting Mat
•Bundle of 41 fat quarters from Ricky's Blended Solids collection, compliments of Red Rooster
•Box of silk threads from Superior Threads
•One of five DVDs from Why Quilts Matter
•One of five Stitched: The Movie DVDs
Plus, you'll have exclusive access to an episode of Why Quilts Matter, Stitched: The Movie, and many other sources of excitement and creativity in The Quilt Show community.

Simply click here to get started.

Have fun and good luck!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Have You Heard?

I received wonderful news yesterday from Darlene at Sew Cal Gal.  If you don't follow her blog, you should 'cause she is always on top of everything happening in our quilting world.

SEW FUN QUILTS was nominated for the best online quilt shop for the 2012 Golden Quilters Award.   What an honor just to be nominated along side some of the online biggies!  Wow!

There are 10 different categories in the Golden Quilters Awards and you can vote for one per category.  Voting is open through March 31, 2012.  Winners will be announced on April 2nd.

Here's the GO vote today and maybe you'll win a prize too.

Have fun and help us spread the news to everyone in the Quilting World by voting, tweeting, posting on facebook, sharing with friends & family via email, Etsy teams......etc.

Thanks for visiting my blog .........and voting!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

I have a Question for You??

Today was our monthly Tied Together Quilt Bee.  It seems like I always take too many UFO projects and end up not getting much done.  It couldn't possibly be all the socializing/yakking/laughing/eating......could it? mean we are supposted to be sewing and quilting something??  Ok...just kidding.  I did manage to get something done. 

These quilt tops were already I layered and quilted a couple new Batik Table Toppers using 5 inch charm squares.  

I like using charm squares from my ETSY Shop and sewing them together for simple quilts.    It gives my buyers and beginning quilters ideas on what they can do with just the simple 5 inch square and an easy simple border.  Just cut the charm squares in end to end.   The quilting is elongated straight stitch with variagated thread sewn diagnonally across...both directions.

Here's a shot of the backing too.

Different colors

And the binding is cut, pressed and ready for the quilts.......just have to get it sewn on tonight.

Now to my question for you. 

I'm thinking of offering these table toppers as Quilt Kits in my Etsy shop.   I'm trying to appeal to the beginners so they can sit down with a SEW FUN QUILTS Kit and have some easy, simple sewing fun in a short time frame.   

What do you think? 

The kits could include;  charm squares, borders, corner squares, and binding.  Should the kit have the backing fabric too?   They would measure approximatley 26" square when finished.

Please tell it like it is......I can take it.  I wouldn't have asked you what you think unless I was willing to hear your opinion. the way,   Thanks a bunch.

Thanks for visiting my blog.