Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all!

Enjoy your day;  being thankful,  being an American, eating too much, family times, Macy's Parade and Football!

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Monday, November 14, 2011

First SHOUT OUT of many to come!

And.......The Procrastinator Award......goes to............

.............yours truly.    Yup!  For sure.

I'm such an expert at delaying, putting things off, changing my priority list......yada yada da!  Sometimes, I wonder if I'm the only one who has all these ideas, intentions, plans......and can never get them all done, let alone.... started.  This is why I recently won the Procrastinator Award.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it. 

I love to promote ETSY and specific shops, artisans, handmade items, individual talent...etc. and have had this idea of sharing some people and shops here on my blog for quite a while now.

Finally, I'm going to be checking this one off the list for today.......hurray!  This post is my first of what I hope is many others to come. 

Need some graphics help with a new banner, new avatar about your business cards? 

 Lots of people have told me they really like my new avatar & banner for my ETSY shop, Facebook page, Twitter, chat groups, blogger, etc.  New business cards were in order, so it went on there too.

Well,  the lady who is responsible for this look that totally captured my shop did such a terrific job for me is getting my first "shout out" to others.   Click here to find out more about her Shop.    Don't let the name of her shop fool you......she is a sweet, helpful, fun person.  She even talked to me a couple times on the phone until she got the exact look I wanted.  

Here's the business card too......sure stands out from the typical, doesn't it?

I love my new Fun look she designed just for me and  think it definitely goes along with my name....Sew Fun Quilts. 

If you need a new look or some new business her, you won't be disappointed.  Be sure you tell her Sew Fun Quilts sent you.  ok?

(Blogger is giving me fits today as I tried to change my background and colors to go along with my new will do it another time.)

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Did Ya Hear the News?

Did ya hear the latest news from AccuQuilt?

They are having a Countdown to their BIG Black Friday SALE event.  Starting today, and everyday for 8 days,  you can have a chance to win $200 worth of reward points by registering your email address with them.  

These reward points are like cash and you can buy lots of things with them at Accuquilt    - maybe even a GO!

Just GO here to register.

I've already entered, so hope I win......hope I win.........hope I win.  They have some new dies for my GO cutter I'd love to have.....hope I win, hope I win, hope I win.   Ok..what are you waiting for?

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Makeover Final Chapter

Boy.....I've been MIA here lately in blogland.   It's due to the time of year and I get very busy in my ETSY shop.   I've been doing a lot of machine embroidery and have finished up 65 Redwork Dishtowels like these for some of my buyers......yikes, that's a lot of dishtowels.....AND I had to iron each one too. 

Okay...enough of that.  Today it's back to sewing/quilting time...yay!

Remember a while ago when I showed ya'll before pictures of my porch makeover?

Here's a few of the "after"  pictures.  Of course it rained and shows the  little muddy kitty footprints on everything and I didn't take the time to hose it down for the pictures.

This rug is normally in my sewing room and was getting yucky.  So, took it outside, hosed it down.....scrubbed it good.  After it dried I put it  on the porch.  It looks nice there, so I'll just leave it for now.


I even had my Hottie Handman build a small wall to cover up the messy underside of the porch next to the steps.   (Notice the hard cracked dirt........we need rain so badly!)

I promise, I promise, I promise my November Giveaway will be in the next few days, and not the last day of the month.  Be looking for it.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Did you get your FREE patterns?

Quick reminder to  everyone you can get 22 FREE quilt patterns from AccuQuilt.  Just click on the picture on the right hand side of my blog and sign up for their emails. 

Download the 22 FREE patterns.  Even if you don't have an AccuQuilt cutter, you can use these patterns and layouts for many new ideas.

Have fun with them.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October Lucky Winners!

I hope everyone had a fun Halloween.  Everyone likes to dress up and have some fun..... even me.    In case you missed it, click here to see what I did.

We have our two lucky winners for the October Giveaway.

#9 - Mimi won the Fall fabric
#14 - Kimberly R won the Scarecrow Fall fabric panel.

Congratulations ladies!   Please send me your addresses so I can get them in the mail to you.

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