Sunday, February 28, 2010

I love jelly beans! These are very low calorie too!

  I love to make these adorable patchwork table quilts with the small assorted fabric cute, sew much fun!   I just finished 2 matching ones for a lovely lady in New Zealand.    She orders from me through my Etsy shop and she wanted two of these little table quilts for Spring/Easter time. 

The 2 of them.

Here's a close up view of some of the fabrics; jelly beans, Easter eggs, bunny rabbits, butterflies, flowers.

And here's a picture of the fabric I used for the back of them.

I'm glad you can see the tone on tone white fabric I used for the's tiny delicate flowers!

Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Spring is coming........Tweet Tweet...I hear the birds!

I'm sure Spring is coming, as these cute little birds have donned their Red Hats to go to a luncheon on Saturday, and they sure wouldn't take the chance of ruining them in the rain or snow.
This is a small wallhanging I made for my Red Hat luncheon this Saturday for one of the prizes, 'cause I won a prize last month and have to take a prize back for this month. 
I have several of these little "tweet" embroidery designs and enjoy stitching them out and making gifts with them.  The quilting one and the sewing one are my favorites.  Fun stuff!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Eye Candy for Quilters! "Stay in Stitches" on Etsy Treasury West

I've never been able to do/make a Treasury List on Etsy until today and it's named Stay in Stitches.   It has lots of Quilted Treasures from Team Quiltsy and Team Etsy Tx.  Lots of sewing hours involved with all of these great goodies from sewing enthusiasts; journals, quilts, totes, baby shoes, bags, wallets, raggy quilts.

The more clicks we get on it the closer we get to being on Etsy's Front Page, so please go click your little hearts away!  Thanks.

This is my purple minky toddler quilt I put on it.

I hope ya'll enjoy it!  It's wonderful eye candy for anyone who sews!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Organize and Fold Your Fabric in Your Stash

I posted this video about Fabric Folding last year,  and have had a few more people want to know what I am talking about, so thought I'd share it again with everyone.

It does take a quite a bit of time to do this to  all of your fabrics in your stash, but sure helps when you are ("I just know it's in here somewhere") trying to find that certain fabric print.

Have fun and enjoy!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My "Helpers" Just Won't Help Me Today!

I've got lots to do today and my helpers are not cooperating.

The "King", Braveheart and his sister, Princess, are just no help to me today with all of this cutting and folding I need to do.  They are usually "inspecting" every piece of fabric I get out.  We'll just see who fixes their supper tonight, won't we?  They are just way too sleepy!
So I just started pressing, cutting and folding without them.  I've got lots of background neutral strips to cut today.

Yes, I am still folding my fabrics using the folding technique found on Tip Nut....and my helpers are still not helping!  

Back to work.........without any helpers!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

I FINALLY Figured It Out!

I've only had my cell phone for a couple months now, and when I went on vacation to Indiana at Christmas to see kids and grandkids, I SURE had fun taking pictures with my camera.  AND trust me on this one, I took LOTS of pictures.  

 The big problem is I couldn't figure out how to get the pictures off my camera into the computer.  I tried the USB cable thinking they would load up just like my digital camera to my photo program......NO!  Then windows was asking for a went and downloaded it...still NO!   

I looked in the owner's manual.....NO help!
I also thought I might call my local Verizon store......on a Saturday??? Don't think so.

So, I just started playing around with my phone and kept going to my pictures....and realized I could email them to myself, or send them to Facebook.  Here's the link if you want to go see me with some of my kids and grandkids.!/album.php?aid=2027650&id=1233944773

Now, I need to figure out how to upload them directly to here.  Please......if anyone knows how to do this, give me some clues.  Thanks.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Ice Skating on the Platte River in Colorado

Am really looking forward to watching the Opening Ceremonies of the Winter Olympics on TV tonight.  Friday night TV shows are not my cup of tea, so this will be great entertainment.  With all of our snow/cold in the USA right now, maybe we will appreciate more of what some of these participants go through with their training. 

I was born in Denver, CO and grew up in the mountans near there.  As teenagers, we would go to the Platte river where it was frozen, build big bonfires near the edge of the ice,  and ice skate on the river at night.  That is, until my Dad found out about it...and how dangerous that could be.  What??  Dangerous??   Well...really, we did need the big bonfires to help us see the rocks & tops of the bushes poking through the top of the ice, so we could avoid them.   Needless to say, he put a stop to us kids doing that!   From then on we had to go skating on the fish pond nearby and it always took us a couple hours to shovel the snow off for a big enough area to skate. 

What great memories!  I wonder how many of the Olympic skaters have ever done that?? 

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Valentine's Day is almost here....and time to send some love to my sister with this surprise.

Thought I'd share some pictures with you on what I made for her.
Cut some neutral tone on tone squares for the background fabric, stitched 'em together 4 x 12.

I used different red & pink fabrics for the hearts, fused and machine appliqued them randomly on the background fabric.
Just have to do the last couple stitches on the binding of her Valentine/Heart table runner and can get it mailed on Monday.  Yay!

3 New Wonderful Giveaways.

My gosh....lots of giveaways and here's 3 new ones.

Have fun.

Monday, February 1, 2010

One Day Special Sale Today - Team Texas on Etsy

I belong to Team Etsy Texas and this is a group of crafters of all kind who live in Texas.    Today is our "First Monday of the Month Sale" and I am offering 25% off on all of my quilt fabric squares in my Etsy store.   This is a great buy, but you gotta hurry, 'cause it ends at Midnight tonight. 

 There are 57 participating members in this sale today and here's the link.  Now, go check out all the wonderful goodies on sale.

Thanks much.