Monday, October 15, 2012

There's Nothing Better for a Quilter.....

There's nothing more fun for a quilter than going to a favorite Quilt Shop.  Here's one of mine.

Fabrics 'n Friends
Castroville, Tx
(830) 931-0141

This shop participates in our local Bluebonnet Trail Shop Hop every Spring and back in April I won a $25 gift certificate from them.  I decided it was way past time to go and spend it.

This is what you see when you first open the door......Wowzer!  Irresistible!

and then.......

and still more.......

I couldn't take pictures of everything, so just imagine two  complete
walls behind you that are simply Overflowing with nothing but Batiks......I'm drooling on the keyboard now, just thinking about them.

It's kinda like the Energizer just keep going and going.......

Large open class room........

I resisted buying anymore Batiks 'cause I just ordered some from online.  So, here's my loot for this time; 4 panels and a new Free Motion Quilting foot for my Janome.

Anything with kitty cats has to go home with me.  This is
just too cute!

And........what's your latest fabric purchase?

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  1. I just picked up some batik to match a quilt so I can add the borders, and ordered some charm packs and solids from online. I have the same floral panels you just bought! lol

  2. I love a well stocked fabric shop too... give me a fabric fix any day and I'm happy.

  3. That Christmas fabric is beautiful...some things you just can't resist...get it now or it will be gone next time you go.