Monday, November 1, 2010

HOUSTON Notions Great Finds From Years Ago!

I found out about these 2 quilting notions years, and years ago at the HOUSTON Quilt Festival.   If I remember correctly I bought them from Eleanor Burns booth.  So, since it's that time of year again I thought I'd share one of my favorite finds from that show. 

When I have a small finished quilt top and am ready to quilt it, I still use the tried and true method of taping the quilt backing to a table, then smoothing the batting on top of the backing, then the quilt top.  I like to use a little bit (and I mean a quick spot here and there...not all over) of quilt basting spray to help hold the layers together while I pin baste.

Here's what I like to use and have used them over and over for many years.

These are 1 inch stainless steel safety pins with special plastic tops fastened onto them.  They are called Quilter's Delight grip covers  by Paula Jean Creations and are available from many different retail outlets and online.

They come in several different colors so you have a selection to contrast with the  colors  of the fabrics on your quilt. 

Here they are clipped onto the top of the stainless steel safety pins.  The tool is called Kwik Klip and it's a real "finger saver" for opening, closing the pins.  And you can use it sooooo fast.

I keep my Quilter's Delight  1 inch stainless steel safety pins OPENED and store them in an old cookie tin.  That way I can just grab up a handful...put them in the lid (using the lid is easier than just reaching inside the tin 'cause the open pins can 'spread out' in the lid and not be tangled together)...and then I pin them all over my quilt.  Most of the time if the quilt is small enough (40 inches or so) I pin about 8"-10" apart.  This is a fast, easy way to "BASTE" your quilt.  The pins are small enough so you don't have to be concerned about leaving holes in your fabrics.  They are no bigger than a needle.

When I'm quilting with my walking foot and straight stitches,  I remove them as I sew along, and throw them back into the cookie tin.  Works great for me!

Next time you have a quilt top to quilt........try these.  I think you'll like them.

What's your favorite unusual quilting notion?


  1. I saw those at Jo*Anns the other day and was wondering about them. It is nice to have a review on them.

  2. Thanks for the info!

  3. My favorite quilting notion is and always will be basting spray!!! It allows us to move our quilt ministry quilts through the process very quickly, and we don't have to worry about leaving pins in them!