Monday, November 15, 2010


If you follow my blog, you've had to notice I've been talking a lot here lately about all of my UFOs.  Maybe I should be talking about Thanksgiving or Christmas or making gifts, but not yet.    My UFOs have taken over my sewing room, and they don't even do anything but just sit there. 

About a month ago I was griping about this to my sister and how I never take the time to work on any of them.   The next day she called and told me she was going to have a small UFO party and scheduled it for November 16th, tomorrow.    Pat Sloan has also been talking a lot about UFO's on her blog.  She has 12 tips for dealing with them.  Maybe I'd better go check it out.

 A UFO party?  What is that?  I don't know.  All I know is my sister said to  bring a couple UFO's and she'll serve lunch. My niece is also attending and bringing a couple of her UFOs.  I sure hope there's chocolate.

Here's just a few of mine.

A long time ago, we quilters learned about using new/clean pizza boxes to keep our projects together whether it was just fabrics & a pattern, cut out kits, or a work in progress.  My..oh my.  These projects in the pizza boxes are stacked on top of one of my shelving units in my sewing room and I can't even remember the last time I looked inside the boxes.   I have to get a step stool to even reach them.

Here's a couple more bins!  And.....I'm not going to tell you how many more bins I have that say the same thing.  I haven't even counted them.   Well, at least they are labeled.

Now I've got to decide which two projects to take.  mmmmmmh?  Can I bring more than two?

Stay tuned to see which two I  take to the party.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I just finished up 5 UFO's. It felt great. I am working on another one but it is going slow because I don't want to do it. It is at a boring stage. I will finish it before I go to another project though.

  2. Think how ahead of the game you are by just being able to find them! I think that once you start to look through them you'll be inspired to work on them a bit more. I imagine you must have a couple that are not that far from being finished.

  3. OMG, this could be a picture taken in my quilt studio! I also have projects in boxes such as these, as well as bags. I finally learned to label them - then I just have to remember what project that actually is. Hope you have a good time at your sisters and finish a project or two. :)

  4. How do you get the new pizza boxes? Will they sell them to you? This is a great idea. I'm actually having my first UFO party this Friday with my 2 aunts. I can't wait to actually get some of them finished.

  5. I love the pizza boxes. What a great idea? I have mine all in project bags.

  6. I'm trying to focus on UFOs too! But it is difficult to not start thinking about new projects. Yeap, we definitely need more UFO parties. I hope you have fun tomorrow and get some of your UFOs finished, or at least closer to completion.


  7. Oh my,you sure are do you just go to a pizza place and ask for them? clever.....

    Good luck!!

  8. I am impressed at the UFO organization. UFO's in my world are well hidden ;-)

  9. I completely forgot about using pizza boxes! So I sent my sister-manager of a pizza place-a note asking how much 20 new boxes would cost me. I want to use them for BOMs and quilt alongs in progress. I don't think I'm doing 20 but a new one starts all the time and I can't resist. :)

    I think you are very organized and on your way to having fewer UFOs. Jan. 1st, I always make a list of my UFOs-the ones I find :) -and number them. When I finish one, I ask hubby to pick a number between 1 and whatever and that's then next one. So far it's working for me and it's fun. My 1 rule is to work on the number that he picks, like it or not. :) Good luck with you quest.