Monday, November 22, 2010

What to do with all those T-Shirts!

Most of us have heard or seen some of the T-Shirt quilt ideas out there.  But, this gal ..Fabricartist 21.. (my sister) does the most wonderful one of a kind T-Shirt quilts for her customers.  She really is a Fabricartist as NO TWO ARE ALIKE and she has a great eye for color combinations.    She meets with each of her customers and visits with them for a while to get a feel for their personality and what they want to do with their finished quilt.  Then she shops for the special sashing/backing fabrics that will work well with the special T-Shirts for this particular customer.

Here are some of the results: 

Avid Soccer player.

 T shirt Quilts made to order save your memories in a forever quilt Created Just For You By Me

Another one she did for a traveler......(one of my favorites).  She used Japanese fabrics for the sashings and backing. 

T shirt Quilts made to order save your memories in a forever quilt Created Just For You By Me

She doesn't tie them, or just stitch around the squares, she does an all over quilting pattern on them.  They are very useable, sturdy, washable and will last for years and years.   

This Texas Longhorns and Tennis quilt colors worked well, with the grey and touch of the rusty orange on the border.  She chooses wisely and individually when making these custom quilts.  If you are interested in her doing one for you or a loved one, just click here and it will take you to her Etsy store.

She makes special custom quilts too, and this  one was for a University of Texas dorm room.

To see some of her own personal quilts, click here. 

I'm enjoying sharing other quilter's work and one of a kind quilts, and hope you're enjoying them too. 

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  1. They are all beautiful. She does a great job.

  2. It makes me wish I had saved all the tshirts from over the years! Beautiful quilts!

  3. I love these. My kids would love something like this in their teams. I have some tee shirts I might just have to start saving more.

  4. I love the way Fabricartis 21 plays with scale in her Texas Longhorns quilt. stitch'T has a very comprehensive T-shirt quilt gallery for your viewing pleasure.