Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The KING is ruling again!

This KING of mine (Braveheart) is really ruling the house again!  He knows how to put everyone in their place and remind us  that he's the KING!

Cats can be very demanding when it comes to drinking, eating....who gets the most petting, who gets the first treat, who gets to lay in Mom Cat's chair, etc.

Several months ago when I was in Pet Co, I bought this drinking fountain called DrinkWell thinking it would solve some of the squabbling amongst my 3 cats;   Braveheart (the KING), Princess (his litter sister) and Roxie (the adopted).  It's so convenient, very quiet, filters the water, constant flow and sits next to their food area.  I use the water from my Brita water pitcher too....so it's filtered twice!  In the hot summer months, sometimes I toss a few ice cubes in there too.......they love it cold.  All the cat experts out there tell us to encourage our indoor cats to drink lots of water.  Ok.........check that.  Done.

Well.....Braveheart (the KING) has decided my bathroom is his domain and he's even sleeping on top of the clothes hamper in there or the soft fluffy purple rug I keep on the side of the bathtub.  Everytime he wants a drink of water, he comes to me MEOWING very loudly and is very persistant.  For those of you who do not have a cat, let me tell you......persistant loud meowing with no let up.....gets action!  AND....he meows very loud and......he's very demanding!  mmmmmmh???  male cat... I should have named him KING!

Why did I spend $50 on the drinking fountain instead of spending it on fabric??  'Cause the girls drink from it.  But NOT the KING!

I hope he's not teaching his sister, Princess.  She is watching him very intently!

I need a hidden video camera aimed at the DrinkWell fountain for when I'm gone all day long.  I wonder if he drinks from it when I'm not home?

What do you think?


  1. It's like they say, Dogs have owners, Cats have staff!

  2. I have one of those and my girl drinks from the stream makeing splashing noises! I have seen both my boys drink from it too, but one of my boys does the same thing yours does when I go into the bathroom - but he asks for water from the tub. I guess he just likes his water REALLY cold! I have stopped buying filters for mine though since they seem to prefer water straight from the tap anyway.

  3. I bet he does use the drinking fountain thingee when you are gone!

  4. So cute! My little girl didn't understand her fountain and was convinced that the only purpose it served was to get toys wet. And then she'd complain that the toys were wet...

  5. There are times when I want at least another cat in the house, and then I hear stories like yours, and I have to think about it all over again.

  6. It seems boy cats are the most demanding. We had a male cat that was the same way with the bath tub. He didn't drink from the bathroom sink because that is where he liked to nap.

  7. We took care of DS's cats while he & DIL were deployed overseas and one of their cats loved to drink out of the faucet. Whenever I headed in the direction of the bathroom, she would race into it ready to get a drink. And I do know how persistent they can be! Hee Hee!

  8. That is a funny story...loved seeing the cat drinking from the tap...hilarious.

  9. My Jasper drinks from the bathtub and sink. If he thinks I'm ignoring him, he'll meow up storm until I turn the faucet on for him. I used to have a cat named Braveheart. :)