Sunday, October 31, 2010

BOO! These pics. will scare you for sure!

Happy Halloween!

What a fun Holiday.....I've always loved dressing up and still do, even at my age!  It's fun and crazy and brings smiles to everyone.  So, I say WHY NOT? 
I remember as a very small girl (maybe 5-6)  dressing up in one of Mom's dresses, a hat, a big purse, and some high heels.  I'd dress up one of my dollies too, put her in my buggy, go outside and "parade" up and down the sidewalk in front of our house hoping one of the neighbors would see me.  Mom didn't let me go very far, so I had to go back and forth in front of our house....back and forth...clop, clop, clop in those high heels.  What fun that was! 

Our Red Hat Society Halloween party was a blast!  I thought I'd share a few pictures of all us "juniors"  in our silly costumes. (yes..I like that word better than seniors, so thought I'd use it instead)

My sister, Jerre, was Miss Sew and Sew.  Since I was born in July and the sign of Cancer (Crab), this Red Hat for me was perfect! 

Here's Miss Sew and Sew again with one of our Tied Together Bee members as a "Lady of the Night".  That hat is bigger than she is!

These were some of the best costumes of the day!  The restaurant where we go every year is called the Time Machine, and our waiter was dressed up as Ace Ventura  (Jim Carrey's movie).  He sang and did a skit for all the Birthday girls celebrating their birthdays in stuff!

We Red Hat "Juniors" really know how to have fun!

Our Red Hat Society group is called Rubies and Garnets and was one of the first chapters formed in San Antonio. 

Last picture, but not the last of the fun.....Sister Jerre - Miss Sew and Sew, Red Hat Devil (Jerre's oldest daughter, Alice) and the Red Crab (me).

Have a fun Halloween!

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  1. You girls are just a hoot! What I give to be in the restaurant when you party animals are in the house!?

  2. Very cute. Glad to see you guys got into the spirit of it all.

  3. Looks like a lot of fun and I love that crab tote you were carrying!

  4. THANKS for sharing! LOVE the pics!