Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Fingers are Worn Out!

Remember that commercial for the Yellow Pages...."let your fingers do the walking through the yellow pages"?

Well, my "quilting fingers" have been walkin' for miles, and they are stretched, a couple of them got lost, they're dirty, and  some are almost worn out.  I won't give them up though....not for anything.   I can just hear some of you.  "What is this crazy woman talking about now?"    Curious now?  Go ahead...... scroll down so you can see the first picture..............go ahead.  I double dare you!

TA DA........Drum roll please! "quilting fingers"...

These were bought many years ago and are my original red rubber gripper  fingers for when I do free motion quilting.  There's only 6 of them left.  I used to have more of them for all fingers on both hands.  "Where oh, where, are my  red quilting fingers?" she hums to herself.    My cats probably know where they went, but they're not talking.

My secret combination for successful free motion quilting  (it's no secret really.....I just like those words 'cause it makes it sound special ...tee hee)    is:

My Janome 6500 cleaned, oiled, with titanium needle,  FMQ foot, the Supreme Glider for the bed of my machine, AND.....these red rubber fingers!

 Red rubber fingers for my left hand ...

Red rubber fingers for right hand...

For the picture taking, have to show you two pictures....(just not smart enough to figure out how to take a picture  showing both hands at the same time....tee hee).  Unlike the quilting gloves, these red rubber fingers don't get in the way, and you can see exactly where you are going.   They really grip the fabric sandwich well too.

So, get the idea.   But,  the main thing is  to see the results of the quilting, right?

Free motion meandering.

Continuous design quilting...front.

Continuous design quilting and meandering.....back.

mmmmh! What about the quilting gloves? ask.  For me, they are way too hot, too big, too bulky..can't feel the threads to pull them to the top, can't feel the fabrics, they get in the way of seeing well; just don't like them......period!  I tried to use them twice then gave them to a friend.

Now, if I can just remember to buy a couple new sets of "fingers" the next time I'm in my local quilt shop.  Sigh..........sigh.........all the fabrics seem to distract me.

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  1. I have a whole box of these at work! I got them from the stationary store. $2.00 for a box of 12. Want me to get you a box? If I take them out of the box and put into an envelope, it will only cost one or two stamp worths to send to you? They come in Small, Medium, Medium/Large and Large.
    I wish I had thought to try them before buying my quilting gloves, but I found pretty thin ones that fortunately have not given me the same problems as you have had.
    Your quilting is beautiful, I wish mine looked that good. I may have to buy some more rubber fingers for myself!

  2. Love your fingers .....and your free motion is wonderful!

  3. Excellent meandering. Wish mine was as good as yours.


  4. That's a lovely quilting!
    Hmm.... I wonder if I'd get just as good as you are at FMQ if I bought some "finger" too? Or maybe I just have to practise, practise and practise. Actually today was my first time trying to do the FMQ! I tried at a small piece of fabric that's going to become a cupcake-applique.
    I'll put some pictures of it on my blog as soon I'm done with it!

  5. Your free motion is wonderful!

  6. Whatever works for you eh?
    I have some of those things somewhere....

  7. Heh Judy you are dong good with that quilting there. Proud of you!

  8. Hmmmm....? You just reminded me that I have some of those rubber fingers somewhere in my sewingroom...?... Must have a look...

    I have used gloves, and don't mind them, but will have a look for my "fingers"...

    Your quilting looks great! 8-)

    Happy stitchings!

  9. what do you set your tension at and what kind of thread do you use?

  10. Sara...on my machine I set it at -0- tension and it works great, with feed dogs down and I use a Supreme Glider on the machine bed.