Thursday, March 24, 2011

GO Vote for me!

Have you voted yet?    

You haven't? 

Well....come on now, time's a wastin' and it will only take a minute and I need all the votes I can get 'cause I'm competing against some of the top dogs!   I thought of having a giveaway to get everyone's attention......but, thought I'd better play fair.

  Doesn't bribery always work?

I was just informed this morning that I've been nominated for the Best Online Store for the Golden Quilter Awards 2011 that SEW CAL GAL created.   I'm very flattered and thanks so much to  the person who nominated me. 

"You have been recognized for your contributions in making our world of quilting so wonderful, having been nominated by quilters throughout the world for the 2011 Golden Quilter Awards. Like the Oscars, we hope you are honored to be nominated as you are truly appreciated for your talents and contributions. "

Here's my Etsy Store, so you can take a quick look. can GO  vote for

me here.

Thanks everyone.....I appreciate it.

Thanks for visiting.

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