Saturday, March 26, 2011

Playing in the Messes!

It seems regardless of how much time I spend sewing/quilting in my sewing room,  I make more messes, and more messes......and end up with  lots more scraps. 

These piles of useable scraps get shoved to the corner of my cutting table and sit there for days.    Where's the Cleaning Fairy when you need her???.... that's what I want to know.....???  Is she at your house?  Send her back to mine 'cause you can't keep her.

One afternoon there was some noise coming from underneath my cutting table, and I looked down and Mr. GO was whining.  He hadn't had any attention in a few days, and was just sitting there, pouting.

OK...OK...I'll use you today.  Mr. GO is very real to this quilter.

This is not all of them, 'cause I just snapped a picture of a few of them.

Maybe these can be sewn together for something.   What??   I don't know, but at least that particular pile of scraps will be off the corner of my cutting table.  I sure had fun cutting and playing in that mess of scraps.

Let's see what we can do with them.....

Ahhhh.....Yes!  They are happier now being sewn together.  Maybe  they could be the start of a Chinese Coin quilt???  something other than a mess.....for sure.

What do you think??  Have you been playing in 'your messes' lately?

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  1. messes like that are so much fun to play with. The piles never seem to go down, do they????

  2. I have several zip-lock baggies and they are labeled with different sizes (of dies that I have). When I want to cut some scraps with my GO!, I take out one of the baggies and add that size scrap to my collection. It makes it easy to "play" when I'm in the mood for that...I just pull out my baggies and use some of those scraps for FUN TIME! I love my GO!, too.

  3. Sounds like the GO is great for working with your scraps! I have been cutting mine into strips to use in strip quilts - have a couple of plastic boxes full of them, so I really need to start sewing.

  4. I am making a different mess today. LOL. There will be pieces left over for my Go! to chew up and spit out quilt pieces though.

  5. I have scrap baskets that as soon as I am done cutting all the scarps get sorted to the appropriate baskets, so I don't have scraps all over the place. Makes it nice too when I need a color, and I can either dig through the basket or dump it out on the table, then just scoop it all back into the basket. I have been starting to sew all triangles left over into HST or pinwheels if I have at least 4 of the same ones, then I put them all into a pile too.

  6. Love your very happy messes.


  7. I was looking for the Housework Fairy the other day... turns out I'M HER. *sigh*, nope I can't come do yours ... got enough of me own. lol