Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Whoo Hoo! They're Doin' It Again!

Do you always open up those Publisher's Clearing House prize envelopes, go through all those pictures, stamps, forms.....and hope you're GOing to be one of their winners?   funny, isn't it?    Do you buy Lottery tickets?

Never win.......???  Forget those......this one is much better and way more fun!

 Here's your chance to win some money, a fun trip and be famous! 

AccuQuilt is doing it again.  Just click on the Barn picture on my right sidebar, and find out all about it.   Tell all your friends too 'cause the more clicks that come from the Barn on my blog, the better!  If I have the most clicks (yes...they are measuring it, but don't ask me how) I'll win a nice prize too!

Get those colored pencils a sketchin'  or start playing with your EQ7 program or whatever method you wish....the winner could be YOU!

Thanks for visiting.

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