Friday, October 2, 2009

Let's help! Tsunami victims! Make a pillowcase! or fast light tote


Sometimes we don't know what to do, and sending more money to the Red Cross just doesn't appeal to me, so here's what I'm going to do:

Barbara from posted again about the After Math of the tsunami in Pago Pago and she's sewing up a storm.  She and her hubby live there.  She needs our help for donations, and I have requested her mailing address.

I'm going to be making pillow cases and some light weight one hour totes today!  Why not join me?  It is something we can do to help those unfortunate families!  Remember the Bundles of Love we sent to Iraq??  Let's do this one too!  

I'm just trying to help spread the word!


  1. I am still waiting for the mailing address - I have a box ready to go in the mail!!!

  2. Barb has been in touch with me via CHAT on Facebook and requested I get her address to any who want it. I emailed it to you. Naturally, we can't post it openly on a blog, but if anyone wants it and contacts me, I can get it to them (or you can give it to folks who contact you directly). Right now, it's pillowcases and kids' clothing that is needed. I've asked her to let me know if she thinks of other things. I'm sure the totes would be helpful, also. Barb is very grateful for all who want to help.

  3. I was just wondering why the pillow cases. I am going to collect children's clothing asap. I'm sure anything we send will be appreciated.

  4. The pillow cases are what Bejeweled Barb suggested. They can keep their belongings in them, they're pretty for uplifting their spirits, and once Fema gets some tents set up, they can actually use them as pillows (with their clothes inside). Thanks everyone!

  5. Hi, All... I'm also one of Barb's regular readers and have been corresponding with her about helping. I was thinking that we could put little things in the pillow cases- such as toiletries in adult cases and a little toy or book in the ones for children. I was also thinking that we can send them things around Christmas- after a lot of attention is over and they are still left overwhelmed. I can imagine that a lot of people who are rebuilding will not have much left over for holiday spending.

    Barb did tell me that elaborate quilts are probably not the most appropriate. They often put blankets and such on the ground and sleep on top of them. If we send quilts, they will most likely end up on the floor and get a lot of wear. She suggested that if we do send quilts, they should be quick and easy ones- with good batting.

    Barb is filled with gratitude at the response. Blogging buddies are SUPER!

  6. Thanks Sue for suggesting about the toiletries too. I think that is a great idea; toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs, brushes, gel hand cleaner, soap, little books for the kids, colors and color books, stuffed animals....LOOK OUT DOLLAR I come.

    I agree on the quilts. We must remember to be practical right now and the conditions. Maybe quick raggy quilts would do the trick.

    Thanks to all who have responded to my posting about this and please continue to spread the word.

    Now there are the Indoniesia quake victims too. Does anyone know anyone who is doing something for them??? Please let me know.