Saturday, February 28, 2009


I've been working all day on my projects, as I promised myself. Here's a few pictures of my progress.

Here's some of the scarves I have been making for the gals in my family who live in the cold/snow part of the country. The pale green one is for my youngest grand daughter, so it's narrower & will be faster to make.....yippee!! My 2 sisters grabbed up 2 of them, so have been delayed in getting these finished and mailed to family.

Another flannel raggy quilt ready to be clipped. Actually, I have made 2 of them...same size, same colors. Will soon be selling them in my Ebay store:

The picture on the right is another patchwork tote that's not quite finished, but it's getting done this weekend, for sure!



  1. Good luck on getting your projects done. I have so many "to dos" I am feeling overwhelmed. lol Maybe I will just go take a nap. zzzzz

  2. Love the colors in the tote-to-be! The yellow raggie is also adorable!

    oh, the to do's! They do keep us going!