Sunday, February 1, 2009


I found this great info for organizing your sewing room. Even though it is an old post, it is still applicable....and thought I'd share with everyone. Enjoy!

Today is a little more cleaning & organizing for me and want to get my sister's tote finished up too....just a little bit left to do on it. Yesterday, I totally cleaned my bathroom, and bedroom and today I am going to concentrate on the kitchen & dining area. My sister from WY whom I am making the tote for & her husband, dog, cat will be here late Tuesday afternoon and need to have this place a little bit cleaner....woweez!....actually, a whole lot cleaner!!

I tell everyone I know.....we all need to have company at least once a year, so we do some "deep cleaning". You know what I mean....the corners, top of refrigerator, cupboards, etc.....??? What you say? Well, yes......fellow sewing enthusiasts.....there really are more rooms in your house than just your sewing room & kitchen. You might take a look at them sometime when you pass by on the way to your sewing room.

Have a great day sewing day!.

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