Saturday, February 28, 2009


I promise things to myself all the time. "tomorrow I'll do such & such, work on this project, finish up that project, start that new project.."etc.

Tomorrow comes and I only get half of it done, or none of it and have to put it on the "promise list" again. Sometimes I have to do that with my promises several times in a row.

Today's one of those "finish up your promises for the week" kind of day. The wind is blowing here like crazy and it's not supposed to get as warm as we have good day to stay inside and just FINISH ALL THE WEEK'S PROMISES.......

1. finish serging all the fleece socks for the family.
2. add one more row of squares to the yellow/pink flower raggy quilt
3. finish up patchwork tote started already
4. get decorator fabrics out of closet
5. take some more pictures for listings.
6. get Ebay orders ready to mail
7. more knitting tonight on red scarf

Whew! I hope some of these do not APPEAR on tomorrow's Promise List!.

Tomorrow......we'll see.

1 comment:

  1. LOL I break my promises all the time. DH just say ahm evertime I tell him what I'm planning to do. I am distracted easily. lol Time crack the whip!