Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another good day for Quilting!

Today is another good day for just sewing & quilting all day! Love it!

My sister, Sally, left yesterday to go back home to WY and miss her already. My other sister, Jerre, & I went to our Quilting Bee and sewed from 10:30am until about 3pm. She's working on a pretty pink feminine quilt for a new expected Great Grandaughter, and I worked on another new patchwork tote from Moda charmpacks.

The Ebay group I belong to (Quilters' Corner Group) and the Red Tag Sale we are having on Ebay is going great! We have lots of different items on auction and most of it relates to quilting & sewing...and lots of bidding! Hurray!

Go take a look! Put QCG Red Tag Sale in the search box on Ebay and over 85 items will come up for sale. Do some bidding and help us clean out our sewing rooms!

Have a great Thursday today!

1 comment:

  1. sounds like fun I will have to go check it out. It is a good day for quilting!
    I also have a sewing giveaway going on at my blog. Check it out!