Saturday, February 7, 2009

Finally Bought What I Needed

Finally went to Joann's & bought the fusible fleece I needed to make a couple more totes. I keep thinking that I will make a some totes & start selling them on Etsy, and the last two I made, my sisters, Jerre & Sally, wanted them, so I gave them each one. Now, today I started another one, & it's almost finished. Maybe I'll get one listed yet!

We sure had a fun day today. My brother-in-law, Ted, wanted to take us all out to breakfast, so we went to Jim's & had yummy breakfasts. Then I wanted to go to Joann's to get the fusible fleece & use my 40% off coupon for it, so that's what we did. While there, my sister, Jerre, liked the new BOM quilt kits that Joann's sells...the lavender/green/pink one, & we all ended up buying the blocks. Pretty quilts these will be.!! I also bought another skein of the Angel yarn to knit another scarf.

I set up both of my sewing machines; one for me and one for Sally. Jerre brought hers over too, & we ended up sewing on quilts, totes & a baby pillow all afternoon. Ted lazed in the recliner & watched James Bond movies all afternoon. Jerre went home to fix us all dinner...homemade meatloaf, fried taters, peas, green beans & cheese bread....yummy! After dinner we came back to my house & watched a movie I rented.....

What a great day we all had together. Even the cats & dogs all got along together with no snarling or growling! I think they are getting used to each other now. The time is going by so fast & it will come too soon when Ted & Sally have to leave to drive home to Casper, Wyoming.
I am trying to enjoy it all and not think of that time they will leave........and it's not easy.

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