Sunday, March 8, 2009

HURRAY! Finished Projects!

Here's a few of the finished projects I've completed this week and will be listing them for sale on Ebay.

Horseshoes & horsies on baby boy blue flannel, and it's a good sized one too: 42" x 52"...8 rows x 10 rows.

The yellow & pink flowers with the plain yellow flannel squares on this one really compliment each other. Instead of a straight stitch for the "X" on the squares I used a decorative serpentine stitch. Size on this one is: 32" x 44". It has 6 rows x 8 rows and it's great for a little girl!
Here's 2 new totes:

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  1. Look how busy you have been! It is fun useing a decritive stitching in the X. I love your totes.

  2. Thanks! And I appreciate your stopping by.