Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fun Day with my 2 Sisters!

Fun Day with my 2 Sisters today!

Okay, so we had some errands to do today, but last on the list was the fun one.......MEMORIES BY THE YARD Quilt Shop...right here in San Antonio. It's my favorite shop and just had to take my Wyoming sister to see it and also pick up my Angel BOM.

Didn't want my Brother In Law to be bored & disturb her pleasure, so I stopped & got him a big coffee and a newspaper, as I knew there was a place for him to sit in the shop. They have a cute section in the store with the old fashioned "ice cream shop" tables & chairs. He was quite content while the "3 sisters" shopped 'cause the owner of the store got him a piece of German Chocolate cake to go with his coffee. They really know how to treat the husbands/men us gals can shop, shop, shop!

We had a great time........and no better way to be together! Quilts, fabrics, sisters. Now, that's a great combination!

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  1. What a fun day! Great idea for the husbands to be able to have an escape, right there in the store! Hope you all have another great day in "store" :)