Monday, April 25, 2011

My Declaration!

I, Sew Fun Quilts, (aka Judy) do solemnly swear and declare as of today that I am on a FABRIC DIET.

Now...just what does that mean?    (Silly me....whatever I want it to mean.)        Only fabric that is protein?    Restricted buying of fabric??  Oh No!    Only fabric that is veggies and fruit?   mmmmmh.  Perhaps,  that's a good one and just might work for my "Fabric Diet".

I've been trying to keep my fabric closet shelves tidy, neat, organized by colors (for my jelly rolls and quilt charm squares I sell in my ETSY Shop) and I keep increasing the number of colors I am offering.  Here's the latest....browns & dots, that have been added to my shop.

When you have so many stacks of at least 10 different fabrics in each colorway on your selves,  it becomes a S  P A C E problem.   Then.....I'm forced into slowing down on just buying fabrics 'cause I like them, hence my "Fabric Diet".  So, I'm not GOing to buy any more fabric for the rest of April and GO on a Fabric Diet.

Well....what's a quilter to do when "healthy fabrics" are given to these?   These were given to me when I was in Indiana visiting my daughter and we went to one of her quilt groups that makes quilts for foster kids.  I bought several yards of fleece to donate to them for the backs of their quilts and they gave me these. 

Then............. I'm forced to GO and buy some special variegated thread to quilt a table runner I'm making........and what do I find?'s "healthy fabrics" so it won't count on my Fabric Diet.
I just had to buy a little tiny bit.........can you imagine????  I only bought 1/2 yard of each of those.

Ok...Ok...back to my declaration.  I'm not buying anymore fabric in April! 

(not unless I just HAVE to HAVE a couple small pieces..that is.)

Thanks for visiting.


  1. Well, let's see....30 days in April? That's only five more days so I think you can do it!!!!!

  2. Love those browns! April is almost over and you have done very well so far. I gave up on my fabric diet and instead tried something a bit different. I set a certain dollar amount each month that I can spend on crafting items. That way when I go to the store I know I can spend a little money without feeling guilty. Most times I can walk out of the store with just a couple 1/2 yard cuts of fabric that I just had to buy instead of 12 yards of just because fabric.

  3. You are too cute!! I always need to run out and get fabric for sashing and borders. You know when you need those long pieces for twin size quilts?!

  4. LOL! So you will on a diet for less than a week - you can do it!!

  5. Silly girl, April is almost over....what about May?

  6. Don't let them convince you that your diet is for too short a time - baby steps, B A B Y S T E P S!! I see nothing wrong with a fabric fast for only 5 days. I know myself personally can only do about a week at a time so who am I to judge. ha ha ha