Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Chaining my ATM Card to my Panties!

Have you ever been on a Shop Hop?   

There's an annual shop hop in our area of Texas that's called the Bluebonnet Trail Shop Hop and it occurs every April for 4 days. 

My sister, niece and I were able to go visit some of the shops on two of the days.  We didn't make it to all of the shops this year, but the ones we hit loved my ATM card!    I thought I'd share  a few things  I bought.   Don't all of us quilters & fabricholics like to do Show & Tell???   Well, sure we do. 

Each shop gives a FREE Fat Quarter to each participant and here's a few of mine.  I already have several  plastic tubs full of fat quarters, but a quilter can never have too many.  Right?  I gave a couple of mine to my niece as she was doing a 'color coordinated' thing with hers and she needed certain ones.    A couple of the shops gave out simple free patterns always lots of good eats & drinks.....and chances to win a grand prize of a $1500 gift basket, other gift baskets and $25 gift certificates. 

Bought 4 new patterns....always fun!  Why you ask?  I wanted them.....any other questions?

Mmmmmh!  I could just smell the coffee from this panel.

And what am I going to make with it?   Not gonna tell ya!

I bought 3 different quilt kit combinations for 3 different quilt projects that I just couldn't resist.  Yes, my ATM card kept jumping right out of my purse everytime I stopped to look at something.  Darn thing!  I should have chained it to my panties.  Only problem there would be  constantly  visiting the restrooms to unchain it. 

I Love Moda fabrics and this Lilac Hill by Brannock & Patek is clearly a winner.  I do have an idea of what to make with it.   When???...  is the question.

I've been a fan of Sandy Gervais for as long as she's been designing fabrics for Moda, so just had to have some Giddy in my life.  What am I going to do with it?? you ask.  I don't know yet.....just had to have some.  Love the red and aqua combination....what can I say?

I'll probably start with this project first, as I bought it first and it cost the most that  helps justify making it first.  (Yeah..sure!)  The shop had a sample quilt using this pattern and these same fabrics  displayed, and when I walked in it drew me right over to it.  I love Florals and that jelly roll is GORGEOUS!    My ATM card jumped into my hand before I stopped looking at it....(it was so fast it probably would have torn my panties if it was chained to them.)

What a fun 2 days we had and can hardly wait to sew with my new "stuff".

Thanks for visiting.


  1. What great purchases! Looks like fun in creating will be happening soon.

  2. I am over here drooling over your purchases...thanks heavens for ATM!!

  3. OOOOOHHHHH......YEAH....I went on that same shop hop two days with my are sew brave to tell....I'll never tell (or is that confess) My sister is not a quilter and, poor thing, she tried her best but there was no controlling my fabric addiction.
    Marilyn in San Antonio, TX

  4. Oh, dear, our shop hop comes up in June.
    You've tempted me with several of your 'buys'.
    Boy, am I in trouble now.

  5. the panty idea sounds great, I could have used that today! our local shop hop is coming up in May, yippee!