Thursday, January 27, 2011

Time for Red and Hearts!

When I take down my Christmas decorations and the house looks all blah and bare, out come the bright reds and lots of hearts!    Ahhhh!  looks better now.  

Every time  the Heart Welcome ribbon thingie is displayed, I always promise  myself to make different ones for the different holidays.  AND, you know how those kind of promises never get on the "to do" list???.....maybe this year. 

Do all quilters have one or two favorite quilts they've made??
This is one of mine.  I love Sunbonnet Sue, and the blocks are hand embroidered using redwork.  At the time  they were finished, Moda Fabrics  had these wonderful red prints that worked perfect with them.  I've still got a bit of these same fabrics in my stash.  MODA is my absolute favorite too.

Here's close-up pics of a couple of the blocks.

My goodness...makes me want to do some more hand embroidery relaxing and enjoyable.    Somewhere, there's a pair of unfinished embroidered pillow cases...mmmmmm??  Wonder where they are??  Do you embroider??

Sue's outline was quilted in the borders along with some loopy loops.

OK....OK....enough Sue, let's get back to the heart thingies......

Another Valentine pillow; machine embroidery called The Love Bug.

Here's a small heart wall hanging with embroidery design....tweets, I hang by the front door. If you have an embroidery machine, the  Embroidery Library has lots of these tweet designs for the different holidays.

Close up of the love birds.

Here's Crooked Hearts table topper.

There's also two or three table runners too, but enough hearts for one day!  Now......if they were chocolate hearts that's a different story......

Thanks for visiting!


  1. Judy, all of your hangings, quilts, pillows are just adorable. You give everything such personality.

  2. I have a Sunbonnet Sue twin quilt that I have been trying to sell forEVER. It just sits in my closet lonely. It's not my taste. I got it a long time ago at a thrift store thinking I would use it if I had a little girl--no girl--I have a sweet little boy as you know! Maybe I will put it on Etsy one of these days and try my luck there:)

    Love the tree with the "love birds" :)

  3. Your welcome banner is sweet. I'm always saying I need to make things for all the holidays but never get around to it. There is always another project that calls my name.

    Love your Sue quilt. That is on my embroidery to do list. There is just something about a Sunbonnet Sue quilt that makes people smile.