Thursday, January 13, 2011

What Do Noodles Have to Do With Quilting?

Seems like all my blog posts are always about sewing, and everyone probably thinks I don't do anything else.  Well, sewing/quilting is what makes me happy and I love it, so who says I have to do anything else???    Sometimes I actually cook...really I do.  (My 3 furry critters still prefer their Fancy Feast over my cooking.  What do they know?)

Even though I don't live in a snowy state anymore since retiring to Texas, when the days are cold, I always want to put a pot of something simmering on the stove.   It has been cold here for a couple days 20's to 30's, so no better time to make some homemade noodles. 

There's really not a recipe, as I learned to cook by watching my Mama, growing up in a restaurant my folks owned, and nothing like "just doing it"...kinda like learning to sew or quilt.

Maybe seeing the pictures will help......let me know.

6 large free range chicken egg yolks, (save the egg whites for an omelet) a couple spoonfuls  of cold water, salt.  Beat with fork, add plenty of flour and keep stirring, adding flour....until you can handle the dough and it's not sticky anymore.  Roll out fairly thin on a floured surface.

Roll up into one long making cinnamon rolls.  Cut with sharp knife...plenty of flour on counter, unroll each noodle...shake 'em around a bit with plenty of flour.

Spread them out on a clean muslin flour sack towel (again plenty of flour so they don't stick together) and let them dry until time to cook.  I try to make them in the morning and let them dry out all day long.  I do loosen them up and scatter them around a couple times during the day...they dry out better.  I also froze a big bag of them for Chicken 'n Noodles next time.

You can cook chicken or beef stew chunks.  This time it was beef chunks.  I flour mine, and brown in a little hot oil, lower heat and cook until tender, salt and pepper, and then add  water or Swanson broth, bring to boil....add noodles, cover and cook until tender. 

Yummy!!    and sure did enjoy my big bowlful last night. I can eat for a couple days and not have to cook.  It's back to the sewing room for me.

Thanks for stopping by and if you make my noodles, be sure to let me know.


  1. Homemade is *always* the best. I was in a cooking mood myself yesterday. I had made scones at Christmas and most of them were given away to neighbors....just couldn't get those out of my, yesterday I made a double batch. I make them with sour cream, crasins, and light flavoring of lemon zest. These are all staying at home for me & DH.
    Marilyn in San Antonio, TX

  2. My grandmother used to make these for Thanksgiving and cook them in the turkey broth. That's what we'd use for the gravy on the mashed potatoes! No wonder we all have weight problems! But sooooooo good! Her recipe was similar, only her measurement for the cold water was "one eggshell" ... isn't that funny?


  3. Ooooohhh yes! I remember my mom making these and we had them with beef or chicken, mashed potatoes on the side too. I like my gravy real peppery. I have a whole chicken in the freezer and it might be getting into a pot with some of these noodles soon.

  4. Great doodles. Yum, yum, yum. I want to come have dinner with you. In the meantime, I hope you'll share the recipe for this yummy meal. I'm hungry!


  5. I cook a lot but I've never made noodles. I need to give this a try. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I live my my Grandmother's rule:
    If you cook, all you have to show for your work is dirty dishes...
    If you sew, your work will last a lifetime.

    I love to quilt..
    The "Babyquiltlady"