Thursday, January 20, 2011


I told you I'd be sharing more of my Valentine quilts and home decor.  I just didn't know that my pictures would always include one of my furry four legged kids.    It's interesting how everytime I put a different quilt out somewhere, one of them will "claim" it as MINE!  

This is Princess and she is the litter mate sister to the "KING" (Braveheart).  Her favorite napping place is the sofa.  It is difficult to take pictures of her that shows how pretty her eyes are 'cause she always looks away or squints or turns her head, whenever she sees  me and the camera coming near her.  She has real big round eyes, but I never seem able to get a picture of her when they are wide open.  This is about as close as I can get. 

The heart quilt that she is on is one of my old favorites and I enjoy getting it out this time of year.  It is from our first block exchange  in our Tied Together Bee many years ago.  It's raw edge appliqued hearts and we cut the blocks in fourths and exchanged the fourths.  Our only rules were we had to use neutral background fabric and pinks/reds/lavenders for the hearts.

The redwork pillow with the 3 bonnet girls was given to me from one of our Tied Together Bee founding members.  I have two older sisters and the design was so appropriate.  It says "I'll wash, you dry and little sister can pick up the pieces".  The other pillow peeking in the picture, is a machine embroidered one I made and the design is called "LoveBug".

Today, I'm going to be working on doing a picture tutorial for a special binding technique I'm now using.  I plan on posting it tomorrow afternoon, so come back to take a peek at it...won't you?

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  1. I can't wait to see the new binding technique. I keep waiting for one that looks great and is as easy as piecing a nine patch.

  2. I love you furry baby! and the quilt is gorgeous too.

  3. Love your quilt and pillow....will be waiting and snticipating your new tutorial.

  4. precious heart quilt Judy:) Can't wait to see that tute.

  5. I too can't wait to see the new binding technique. Love the quilts & pretty kitty!!