Monday, January 3, 2011

Scraps & Fabric Prices Rising

Today I want to talk saving/using SCRAPS!   Ok..I know, it's another one of my many resolutions this year....using up my scraps.

Everytime I start to throw some fabric scraps away, I think about the cost of my fabrics and the prices rising this year.  Cotton prices have already  risen, so we are already starting to see increases in the pricing structure of our fabrics.  Fabrics that used to cost us $7-8 a yard are now priced at $9-10 a yard.

There's so many ways to use our scraps and lots of bloggers/quilters are joining in on the fun!  I thought I'd share a few of the ideas for saving/using our scraps that I've recently seen. 

Here's Bonnie's solution to saving/storing scraps.  It's a long read, but one that will get you thinking.


Okay, so we've got the cutting & storing what to do with them?


Shannon at Fabrics 'n Quilts has created a Scrap Quilt Challenge we can all join.   Click on her link to see her start of using up some scraps.

I love this pattern for using hexagons.  And I've got a plastic bin full of these...mmmmh!  Paulette always has good ideas on her blog too.


I like to use some of my scraps to make small dolly quilts like this one. 


I also like to use some  my scraps for my never ending hexagon project.........

Or cutting circles for making yo-yo's.........

So, there you have it.......just a few ways for saving/using your scraps and I know there's plenty more.

How do you like to use up your scraps??

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  1. It is so sad to see the price of cotton going up like it is.

    I really love all of the scrap quilts, but I especially love the strip quilts done with scraps.

  2. I've got a Jacob's Ladder pattern that's great for using up scraps, plus I usually try to work them into my quilt backs. I start with the scraps left over from cutting the pieces for the front, then add other stuff from the scrap bin.

  3. I too love scraps, even more with the GO! Just so easy to cut scraps and turn them into useful pieces with an AccuQuilt. Thus, I feel the GO! helps me save $$$


  4. Oh yes, I am on a scrapbusting mission as well. I can't wait to see what we have all done with our scraps. you can follow me over at

  5. I have a huge box of scraps.. some I've used in Applique animals.. baby quilts etc.

  6. I just started a "never-ending hexagon project" with scraps of every fabric I own. I made a Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt about 25 years ago, but this one is just a scrappy quilt made with 2" hexagons, all hand sewn using English piecing. I love scrappy sewing!

  7. I mostly cut mine into 2" squares and use Bonnie Hunter's leaders and enders technique. I've been doing this for about 9 years and you can really get some great projects from "nothing." I've also been using the Clover Yo Yo tool to make a yo yo Christmas tree garland that slowly grows every year. I try to bust my scraps but I swear that they get together and make babies at night! LOL!

    Just an FYI in Canada we pay about $16 a meter (39.5") for quilt shop quality fabric so you guys should be happy with what you do pay LOL! I think that the scrap busting trend right now is just one that will grow and grow over the next several years with rising costs.

  8. I love using scraps - to me it is the most fun kind of sewing! I am currently working on some tiny quilts for an art project, and I've been using up little leftover bits of all different kinds of fabrics. It's been really fun and interesting. I'm going to go take a look at that challenge, I might do it.

  9. I love your great tips! I do love making yo-yo's and using for flowers, garland, or other trim. I have another idea for your scraps, too! Visit's Free Stuff page to findl all kinds of projects perfect for scraps, like little zippered bags, potholders, and eyeglass cases!

  10. Lately I've been using my scraps to sew the dog "Hubert", there is a pattern that I found in a Swedish patchwork book from the 70s. You can see my dog Hubert here on my blog:

    The good thing with "Hubert" is that I do not need such large pieces, they just need to be 7*7cm and there are often some pieces of scrap which is big enough! :)

    My blog is in Swedish but use the "Google Translate" button to the left so you can read what I wrote!

    / Mari

  11. Remember that those scraps of fabric cost $9/yard too! Don't let them go to waste!

    I am working a little every day on my scrap quilt. Since scrap quilts usually entail LOTS of piecing, I just keep a stack next to my machine & chain piece a few through as I work on other quilts. Before you know it, there is a whole stack of DONE!