Monday, January 17, 2011

Jeez! Will It Ever Be Finished??

I hope those of you who don't have to work today on this day honoring Martin Luther King, are enjoying yourselves and doing something fun!

Gosh, I've been working on and off on this raggy quilt for a week now, and it's still not finished.   Clipping the edges of the seams to make a soft and fluffy raggy quilt takes a long time for me.  Due to a bad hand/wrist/arm I can only clip about one row, two at the most in one sitting.  Then I have to wait a day until I can do it again. 

All the rows are sewn together now  and I have 3 rows of it clipped and the outside edges.  I double sew all of my seams on my raggy quilts, and I  used a decorative wavy stitch on the "X" of the squares for this one.  It takes a little longer to make it, but I really like the effect. 

AND........I love the feel of the minky!   Where was this minky stuff when I was a little kid and sucked my thumb while dragging around my special blankie?? 

I might have to wait a couple more days to clip again..........Sigh!!!    I WANT IT FINISHED so I can put it in my ETSY store.

What about you?  Are there projects you are working on ....then you have to put them aside for some reason or other???

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  1. you need the rag die for your go

  2. Are you using regular scissors to rag the quilt, or do you use the spring loaded scissors? I like making rag quilts and I have carpal tunnel syndrome. I find it easier to use the spring loaded scissors for this.

    As far as a project that I've put aside for some reason, I don't think I have enough room to list them. LOL Probably my biggest project would be a queen size rag quilt. I have about 1/3 of it sewn together. I finally started back working on it this week. So, hopefully I'll be able to complete it this time so I can get it in my etsy store.

  3. it's lovely !! the minkee stuff is something ! and yes , I wish it was around when I was young ; ok I'm old ; when my daughter was young .....

  4. What a lovely quilt, just love it.

    Oh...just about everything I do I do off and on...shame on me...least you have an excuse.

  5. I agree with Tonya. It would make it go much faster and save your arm, if you had the rag die. ;)Love the colors, makes me wish I had a girl.

  6. Very pretty! And I am always having to put aside my personal projects to work on quilts for our church's quilt ministry - but that's ok, it's a good cause! The others will get done soon enough....

  7. One use of the rag die would be worth the money.

    Your quilt going to be beautiful and very comfy cozy. Love the colors and prints.


  8. Ohh you should really get the rag die!!! It's great! If you want to see my rag quilt done on the Go you can see it here: