Wednesday, October 13, 2010

FINALLY! Some sewing time for ME!

I belong to two Red Hat groups, and one of them is called Sew Sassy Red Hats.   We get together once a month to do some sewing and quilting at our Queen's (yes, that's what our group leaders are called.) house for 4 hours.  We sure have a good time; yakking, laughing, eating our lunch, and a little sewing thrown in for good measure.    Naturally, we have to wear purple AND some sort of HAT???  Now who wants to wear a hat when they're sewing?  Definitely not me, so I just clip this silly feather/flower in my hair, put on my red stud earrings and away I GO. 

AND...what did I sew?? .... you might ask.  Well, even if you didn't ask, I'm still gonna show ya......phhhht!  So there!    ( older girls can get a little Sassy too.)

I'll add the insert page directions to this picture.

These BOM kits are from Fabrics 'n Quilts and are 30's reproduction favorite of all favorites.  I've only got 3 more to do and all 12 of them will be finished. 

It was sure fun to do some sewing on quilt blocks for me for a change.  ahhhhhh!  puts me in such a good mood. 

What kind of sewing puts you in a good mood?


  1. You look fantastic in those blocks!!

  2. Sewing that goes right puts me in a good mood.

    Ahh... I just had a revelation and I see how the block on the right can be easily constructed!!!

  3. I like your version of the required hat! I don't think I could wear one and sew.

    Any kind of sewing that doesn't need to be ripped out generally puts me in a good mood!

  4. I agree with Barb, you look fantastic! ♥

    The blocks are beautiful; always nice to make something for yourself at times.

  5. You are just too cute in your purple & red! and who would (n't) say you were sassy?

    glad you are enjoying the blocks. We are excited to see all the different quilts that come from our BOM! Your blocks are so perfect! Could it be because the pieces were all GO! cut for you!? :)