Saturday, October 16, 2010

ON A ROLL! Jelly Roll that is.

I'm cutting, cutting, cutting with my GO cutter and on a roll ..............

Here's a few things I've been working on.

Yup!  Those are blocks cut with the Drunkard's Path new die for my GO cutter......curved piecing and all.   There's so many different layouts you can do with the Drunkard's Path pattern, and I love them all.  I've made several DP quilts in the past using the traditional way, but this is so much faster and easier.


I just love the Drunkard's Path die and am so glad to have the GO cutter to save me time & making these the easy way.  

I'm just teasing you with these two pictures and don't have the quilt finished yet.  Don't ya just love it when bloggers do this and don't show you the finish??  I will.........I will..........I promise.

Some of my other cutting with my GO cutter for my ETSY store......

Here's the link for these Bubble Gum Jelly Rolls..just click HERE.

and the link for the Blueberry Blues  jelly roll too!  

I've got other colors cut and ready to list, but then I hit a snag.  My camera recently broke and I haven't bought a new one yet.  I'm using a borrowed one right now and the software/editing/storing for the pictures is totally different than mine.  It's taking me longer to learn about it and get my new pictures finished for my new listings......yikes! 

Yes, I'm on a roll.......just gotta get it rolling faster.   Good excuse, don't you agree?? 

Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. Love love love the many blocks can be made from it. I finished a scrappy dp sample this year. Wish I could have had the die to cut my fabrics. :) Love the jelly roll colors.

  2. FANTASTIC! I LOVE the Drunkard's Path, and your Jelly Rolls look DELICIOUS!

  3. I might just have to get that Drunkard's Path Die!

  4. Lovely Drunkard's Path, but your rolls just look yummy! Absolutely yummy!


  5. I intend to do a Drunkard's Path...they are such beautiful blocks!