Friday, October 29, 2010

More UFO'S.....Is there ever an end to them?

Here's a couple more UFO'S I found  in that same plastic bin from the other day.

These are purses without the removeable/changeable handle.  At one time I was GOing to embroider a different design on  all different colors of this handkerchief linen fabric so I would have lots of choices with different color outfits.  Well, you know about the saying........."The best laid plans......."  AND, I've still got a lot of different colors of this stuff too.  I'm not interested in finishing these now, so back in the bin they went.  I do use my one purse I embroidered my big fancy monogram on one side...out of purple & red fabrics.  I take it every once in a while for a Red Hat luncheon.

These are D9P blocks from another Tied Together Bee exchange we did this year.  We all made 9 patch blocks from our OLD 5" charm squares from a HUGE exhange of them we did  years ago.  (Thank goodness my old squares are about depleted, 'cause some of those were DEFINITELY UGLY fabrics.)  Most of the gals were very organized and color coordinated their squares in their 9 patch blocks.  NOT ME!  I just picked up whatever 5" charm that was next on the pile.  Scrappy is scrappy to me.  Then we cut them in fourths, and exchanged 20 sets, so we all would have some from everyone.  

When we decided to do this bee group project at the beginning of this year, one of the rules was we could only do the sewing on them at our bee meetings.  That was a fun rule 'cause we could see everyone's blocks before they cut them. 

I put this  D9P UFO quilt on my "to finish" list.  It will be a fun one! long has it been since you pulled out some UFO's to evaluate them??

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  1. sure have shown some wonderful UFO's....and hope you get the last one done soon. Hummmm haven't checked my UFO's lately...Iknow I have alot to quilt but that is due to the lack of batting but hopefully, that problem will be solved soon.

  2. I don't even want to go there!!!! I love the idea of the D9P blocks only being done together.

  3. UFO's are very scary and seldom seen... but you are so right - they need to be tamed and gotten under control... maybe next year lol.