Wednesday, October 27, 2010

TWO Embarrasing Happenings!

Have you missed me??  My camera has been broke and I borrowed one, but have had a difficult time learning about it and the editing software.  Was finally able to get pictures on my last post, but took me way too long.
I love to blog and it's been so frustrating for me to not be able blog with pictures. 

My camera would NOT work, so today I decided I would take it apart....step by step.  What did I have to lose??  Thought maybe it was some sand from when I went to the beach on vacation and I could just use some canned air and blow it out.   I love to fix things and am one of those "do it yourself" type of gals.  My Dad was a contractor and as a kid I was constantly following him around and learning to do things.    I remember him giving me my own hammer to carry, and a small bucket to carry it in from place to place as I followed him while he was working.

Ok..back to the camera.....step by step.

 *  Find tiny, tiny screw driver........check.
 *  Lay down a towel on table....check.
 *  Remove 9 tiny, tiny screws....check. 
 *  Put charged batteries in it....check.
 *  Take out SD card...check.
 *  Put SD card in computer to check pics....check.
What??  no pictures on card??  Got a card reading error??
 *  Find new SD card still in package.....check.

 *  Put new SD card in computer.....ok check.
 *  Put new SD card in camera.....turn on camera.....WORKED FINE! 
 *  Put 9 tiny, tiny screws back in camera....check. 
 *  Feel stupid....check. 

I feel so stupid that I didn't check the SD card several weeks ago.  DUH!  I guess I didn't realize that they will wear out or quit working.......????


Here's just a few of my UFO's that I have been sorting.  I won't show you all of them as that is too embarrasing;  I won't even count them...(tee hee!)

These are Birthday Blocks from a Tied Together Quilt Bee exchange we did several years ago, and I never put them together for a quilt.  Each one of us chose our color choices and mine was pinks & greens.

This one is a four block Hawaiian Flowers quilt top I made when I was teaching at a LQS and we used the Quilt Smart technique.

Christmas quilt top finished, needs to be quilted.  I just might try to get this one finished to enjoy it this year.  This is  another Tied Together Bee block exchange we did many years ago.   The little kitty who is quilting that's  Embroidery Redwork was my block I gave to everyone!  The corner stones in the sashings have gold metallic thread embroidered jingle bells. 

I have no idea what I was thinking or when I started these circles???  I found it in the bottom of the big plastic tub that is labeled UFO's.  Ugly fabrics too!

My gosh!  I don't know if I'll ever get this one finished.  This one comes from about 12 years ago.  JEEZ!   I ran out of the white tone on tone I was using and was not able to find it anywhere.......too many years ago.   I still have a bunch of the hexagons cut, so maybe there's still hope. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg for my UFO's.  One of these days I might get nerve enough to count them and tell everyone!.......No...No..on second thought, that's another embarrasing thing.

Thanks for stopping by and I'll be posting regularly again now that my camera is "FIXED".......(tee! hee!)


  1. I'm sorry that you have had camera problems and I can totally relate. When you are wondering why the sewing machine isn't working at 9 pm try turning it on...I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work.

  2. No guilt over UFOs allowed!

    Too funny about the camera! Thankfully it was a less expensive fix than replacing the camera. That never happens!

  3. What a great collection of ufos! You know if you finish them, they aren't a collection anymore!

    Maybe you can make table runners or a lap quilt from the flower garden blocks ??

  4. so funny!!! here's my embarrassing moment today...I haven't used my backup machine for about 3 years...recently had it cleaned so I could take it to a workshop tomorrow..couldn't find the attachments and bobbins even though I tore my sewing room apart...finally last week called the company and ordered while packing up I noticed a jangle in the machine...found a little drawer in the bottom of the machine where all the goodies were stored!....oh well, guess it doesn't hurt to have extra stuff!

  5. Oh man!!! Glad the camera is working agin though.

    I have too many UFOs to even count.

  6. I didn't know SD cards wear out! Sorry for all you went through, but thanks for sharing. This is valuable info to me. Will save me removing all those tiny screws!!! Love your UFOs. I don't have many. I either finish what I start or if I hate it so bad that i can't finish it, I pass it on or deconstruct it. Wish I was like that with everything in life, but nope, just craft/sewing projects.

  7. LOL taking apart the camera is something I would do too!!
    UFO's are part of quilting life!!

  8. So glad that you got your camera up and happens...

    Love all of your UFO' alot going on there...

  9. Sometimes we have to take apart things to get to the bottom of it though-kind of retrace our steps sort of thing:P

    Finish the hexies!! Seems like a lot of work to let them sit there;) Just sayin'--he,he,he!