Sunday, January 25, 2009


I went to the gym this morning with my sister, and had a great workout. Sunday mornings are a great time to go, as it is not as busy and you can go from machine to another without having to change your routine. After working out and to help cool down, Spectrum offers free coffee, and they have a lounge area and huge TV. So, we sit and sip on half cup of coffee, read the Sunday funnies or watch the TV for about 15 minutes.....nice.

Have had a couple scarey days with my male cat, Braveheart, as he stopped drinking and eating and was lethargic. Had to take him to the Vet on Friday afternoon and he got 2 injections; one long lasting antibiotic and one sterioid prednisone type drug. I had to force water down him with a plastic syringe, every hour; one teaspoon.

I even stayed home from my monthly Red Hat Luncheon on Saturday to keep a careful watch on him and continue with the water routine, and try to get him to eat something. Went to the store & got 3 diff. kinds of dry food and several small cans different flavors. to try & get him to eat.

He's better today, thank goodness and is drinking from the faucet in the bathroom or dripping faucet in the bathtub, and he just ate some canned Iams chicken that I dribbled white karo syrup on it, then put a dab on his mouth to taste it. He gobbled up the food. Had to put his 2 sisters in my bedroom & shut the door, so they'd leave his special food alone & I could watch the quantity he ate. He was up on the table in my sewing room looking out the window when I came home from the gym, so that's a real good sign, and he's on the mend. He loves to look out that window.

Have not been able to sew or quilt with being a "nurse" to my "baby", but will be able to do a lot of it tomorrow.

Am leaving in a hour to go to my nephew's for a BD party for my great niece. She's going to be 22 and has her own apartment now, and needs everything, so I embroidered designs on two kitchen towels for her.

That's it for now....Hope you all have a Fun Sunday too!


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