Thursday, August 18, 2011

More FUN To Share!

Are you always in a time crunch and wish  a magic genie would help you out so you had more time to sew?   "Well, my friend.....(yes...I know that sounds like a used car salesman...but I'm really not!)  that's why my Etsy shop is known for its Time Saver Kits".

To me, there's nothing more FUN  than cutting & sewing.   "Yup!  Right On!"  (as she hold up her hand &  tries to get the Cat Supervisors to high five with her and they just look away.)

Check out this easy way to do some FUN sewing with pre-cut quilt squares from...............(yes......that's why my shop is called

Make a quilt sandwich.....("hold the mayo, add some lettuce") the squares on it and do some fancy stuff in between the rows. 

Add the binding......... (would you like fries with that?)

Ta .......Da........(your order's ready.)

After it's washed, it gets that soft, cuddly  wrinkled look.  Now GO take a nap with your new quilt.   (After you leave me a nice comment....ok?)

FUN! FUN! FUN!   That's what sewing and quilting should be about. 

Thanks for visiting.


  1. That turned out so quilty cute! Boy, too bad you don't get more support from your least they lend you gravity to hold your heavenly projects down!